Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Restful nights

I feel so rested today. Bed by 9 really helps!

I found myself cooking a huge meal last night - with little leftovers due to another mouth to feed and food needing to be taken to work. Not complaining! The kids and I haven't eaten that big of a meal in over 2 weeks. I just didn't have the energy to do it. Rich picked up some things from the store on his way home, which gave me more time to cook. I sure miss cooking.

The puppies are just about ready to be given away. I say they can..Sarah says NO. LOL Sorry, I have a big enough zoo. Just need to find them homes. They are soo cute. It's warming up, so hopefully I can put them out in the yard to stretch and soak up some sun. Their "playpen" is not very big, but they like to pile up anyways. Hopefully the ground is not too wet.

Tomorrow we are expecting wind again! I don't like wind. ack!

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