Friday, January 13, 2006

Rise and Shine!

I have been waking up at strange hours during the night thinking that the alarm was about to go off only to find it was 2:11 a.m. and I still had time to snooze.

This morning at 5:15 when I jumped out the bed it wasn't because I thought the alarm was about to go off (close enough anyways), but because of the WIND. I do not like wind. I can take rain and lightening.. but I do not do well in the wind.

Ever been in the wind in a camper with an awning? The awning is strapped down, and I have gotten over my fear that it is going to flip the blasted camper. The noise wakes me and the rocking of the camper.

This morning I could hear tin moving and flapping. And I could hear the awning flapping and tugging at the camper. The camper itself is strapped down and on blocks.. but that does not stop it from rocking.

Scariest of all, I could hear the wind. I could hear in the distance the gust building.. and I could hear it winding through the trees and between houses and sheds. Then it would push up against the camper. Trust me Mr. Wind. I have not forgotten the damage you can and did do around here. Even in the slightest breeze the tin on the chicken coop will flap, reminding us of the recent past. Trust me, I am now even more afraid of the wind.

So when it was gusting this morning I immediately got dressed and turned on the tv. I busied myself in the camper until I noticed the wind had died down some. Then I got milk ready to feed puppies and gathered towels to wash a load of clothes.

The moon was still high in the sky when I rounded the camper going to the laundry room. And bright. Wow. So bright. So much that it caught my attention and I stopped for a moment to just stare at it. It was so calm. So peaceful.

I popped online to check the weather for Rich and myself. Hmm.. seems we will be having 20-40 mph gusts until 10 a.m. Gonna be a long morning!!!

Two more days. Two more days.

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