Sunday, February 19, 2006

Half my life

Almost have my life has been spent with Richard. How amazing is that!?

We've been together 19 yrs, 4 months, 2 days!

I dunno how he stood me this long. It's gotta be love!

It's 32 here.. we ran out of propane - we have two bottles - so we flipped the switch and cranked up the heat again. warm and toasty. Rich is cooking breakfast, so that helps heat things up.

I think we are gonna have breakfast, dress and run to Sam's and Acadamy. Cannot work in the yard on a cold, damp day like this. Gotta stay indoors. And we gotta get out and stretch our legs some!

We had a visitor last night.. a guy who used to work with Rich years ago... It ws sure good to see him. Like old folks we made coffe in the late afternoon and sat around and visited.

Ever wonder why people in the south are so passionate about their coffee? ( and food! ) Well, it's because it's so damned good!!

Time to eat!

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