Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hauling and dragging

We hauled some stuff from the house to the road. Goodbye furniture and mattresses!

Hello dragging butt! My knee has been hurting me since last week. I think I twisted it moving furniture.

Still more stuff in the house to box up. I just don't wanna do it. I'm torn between just tossing it all - I haven't NEEDED it in the past months, right? - to going to that's our stuff, our memories! I may regret tossing it out too soon.

We've called several people to come and give estimates. No-shows. Guess they are too busy.

I look forward to the day all this is behind us.

Oh, just realized the new fax/copier/printer/scanner I bought yesterday does not have fax. GRRRR. Now I have to bring it back. I was so looking forward to setting it up and getting some printing done. the kids (jessica) complains that we are the ONLY people who don't have a printer. Guess the school takes it for granted that every student has a computer/printer in their home??? NOT!

Washing clothes, hanging out with the family, and fixing to cook supper. Been a good day. We are having grilled burgers, homemade fries (with the skin on) and I think.. homemade milk shakes if I can find the blender and the recipe for them :) If not, we'll have homemade slushies! MMM

Time to go swap the clothes in the washer/dryer!

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