Monday, February 20, 2006

He's soo smart!

My husband is the silent type. Never boasting or bragging. Not loud at all. Very quiet. most people ask me if he likes them because he rarely speaks and hardly ever starts a conversation. He's just great listener. (thank goodness because I talk enough for the both of us!) It's not that he doesn't like people.. he'll talk..once you get him started on things he likes. Then you cannot get a word in edgewise LOL

Because he is so quiet, let me take this time to brag on him. I'll allowed. He's my husband.

The hot water tank in the camper is 6 gallons give or take. That's ONE shower or 2 sinks full of water to do dishes and some water to clean up the stove, cabinets and table. Not much. Not much at all when there are 5 of you! Dishes? shower? hmm..

Before the storm we replaced our hotwater heater with a larger one. We insulated it with a hot water heater wrap and taped it all up and it was all set to save us some $$. Then Rita hit. The wall was ripped off the shed that housed the hotwater heater..the insulation has never been found. We still have the gas on in the house and the hot water heater still runs to wash clothes and when the kids take a shower in our bathroom. All that water. Sitting there. Doing nothing.

Rich tapped into the hot water line under the house and ran the pipe to the camper. He connected it to the hot water line in the camper.. voila! 35+ gallons of hot water anytime day or night without having to wait for the gas to heat the tank! I usually turn the hot water take off during the day while we are all gone and at night while we sleep. No reason to heat the water for nothing. So now our propane can all go to heating and cooking. That should cut down on our propane usage.

He's soo darned smart! I'm so blessed!

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