Friday, February 17, 2006

Life in general

Let's see.. it's been almost 5 months since the hurricane. That's almost 1/2 a year! What has changed? Well..people are building, remodeling or demolishing. Stores are still hiring to replace their lost crews. Walmart is now open until 8 pm! Target and Kmart manage to stay open until 11. Imagine that! Hmmm. I think Burger King still closes by 6? I know by 8 they are locked up tight and all dark. Debris is pretty much picked up on roads. The last pickup is March 1.

We are still living in a camper. That's 4 months in this camper, 2 in a popup and 2 that we were evacuated for. Five months later... and here we are. While our yard is looking better and we have developed a so-called's not a home. It feels like we are camping! Well, we are. Sorta.

Rich is home for the month of Feb. After that he may take a trip out of state for a week each month. He's enjoying his time home and so are we. He's working around here hauling and tearing things up. Cooking. Toting kids around to various things. It's a big help. I'm not so drained at night. I can actually stay up until 11pm!

Insurance is still not lined out. It's a sore subject... but we are working on it. I know, 5months later and we are no closer to settling. GRRR.

The kids are kids.. they adapt to most anything. While they are not happy sleeping all in one room in bunk beds that are too small... they don't complain. They make do with what we have. We don't "want" for anything - except ROOM - but they don't complain.

We are having eggs galore! The hens are laying and we are picking an egg or two a day. may not seem like much, but tonight I counted 15 eggs. We've used some...that's almost 2 dozen eggs for free! And they are soo good. They TASTE like eggs.

I stumbled across a bread recipe that allows for the second rise of the dough to take place in the icebox (fridge to all you non southerners) I don't have to be a slave to bread dough! I can also make it ahead of time and bake it when needed. Perfect timing.

My first batch was a learning experience. I have the second batch in the icebox tonight. Gonna bake it in the morning to have fresh bread for breakfast! It makes 2 loaves. I'm hoping to be able to make our bread and get away from the store stuff. Hopefully the kids will like this batch better. It rose so well this time around. I think I over kneaded it the last time.

I've been thinking a lot lately about organic foods and weaning off the chemicals and preservatives. Last year I started cooking from scratch, stopped buying cokes (sodas), used limited boxed products, limited fast food and eating out in general. Instead, I pushed more water, fruits and veggies on the family. You know what? They lived, and they actually enjoyed it.

We've had a garden the past few years - all my canned stuff was ruined in the storm!!!! Lost some of the frozen stuff too. We're looking forward to a garden and eating our own home grown foods and canning again.

The bed is calling.. actually, the sooner I go to bed, the sooner I can get up and bake that bread LOL


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