Thursday, March 30, 2006

I found myself!

My MIL recently got a laptop. A NICE one too. She also got cable internet and a wireless router. SWEET!

Did I mention my MIL has never used a computer before? uh. yah.

BUT! She is amazing at how fast she learns! And for never having a computer.. man, oh man! She can move around that computer lickety-split!

She's got a yahoo email address. Then I put messenger on her computer. Now we messenger back and forth. She's a hoot!

When she gets stuck and cannot answer me in messenger, she will call on the phone. So we have a messenger going, yahoo email going and we are on the phone. multi-tasking, honey!

We were multi-tasking earlier and she could not find the box with my message in it. then it pops up and she's laughing going, "Here i am! I found me. I found myself. Yup, there i am!"

She's having a ball!

I've been online for 15+ yrs... so it's all point and click to me. Second nature. I forget what things are supposed to be called and don't know how to explain things to her so she can understand. Then we get the giggles. Oh boy! Add her sister in there and it can get confusing.

It is a blast tho! J is scared to death of clicking anything! I think i'm showing her it can be FUN to click and learn. You aren't going to hurt anything by clicking. It's how I learned all i know!

My MIL... she wants to learn. She was scared at first to click anything that I hadn't explained. NOW? She's like, "oh yah, then i went there and clicked,... and it brought me there,,, then I signed on..." wow! And she's learned all this in less than 2 weeks!!

People. She. scanned. pictures.! all by herself! She's getting paths down.. it's starting to all come together. You can see the light bulb going off and that's so neat.

This weekend... I plan on taking my laptop over there and surfing while she's playing around..then she can ask me questions as they come up and I can help her.

Exciting news for J tomorrow. I'll fill ya in later! time to get in bed. i'm pooped!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

making progress, ya think?

We had a second adjustor with our insurance walk thru our house. They agreed lots of things were missed and have been added and updated. I dunno how you can miss that amount of stuff! Well, I do. But we won't talk about that.

We are now waiting for our contractor to look over the updated list and see if anything still has been left off. Then we will present it to the insurance company and go from there. Wish us luck!

My MIL got a laptop. She's such a quick learner! She's scanning pictures and printing things and burning CDs. With a little guidance.. but man.. having never been on a computer.. she catches on quick! If she hits a snag I can usually walk her thru it. Her sister comes over when I'm there. She's taking my "classes" too LOL They forget I've been doing this for 14+ yrs.

Big things in the works for Jessica. Whoo hoo. More on that later.

Rich went to Kerrville, Texas this past weekend with the Jeep club we belong to. He wasn't too impressed. It was guided tours only. Most of these trails he wouldn't have normally gone over. He's just not that kind of guy who rides over rocks and tries to mess up his jeep. He doesn't like to flip over either. He said at one point his knees were shaking as they passed over some rocks. He's the kind who likes to take leizure rides and enjoy the scenery, stopping when he wants, etc. But overall he enjoyed the trip.

Sarah's lesson last week was canceled. She's counting down the days this week. Hopefully I can get a few snapshots of her on the horse. She's got some ropers and some new "cowgirl" jeans to wear for this weeks' lesson. She's so excited.

Time to get to bed.. my nap from earlier is wearing off! Full day ahead.

Oh! one more week for baby chicks!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

and then, and then, and then, and then???

It just seems to never end! Maybe not END, end... I'd just like it to slow down some. Just a tad.

Our contractor and another insurance adjustor walked thru our house last week. This week they are both submitting their paperwork. We shall see what the insurance company says THIS time. It's very frustrating. Very. I'm so glad Rich is off so he can handle this crap. I'd be popping valiums.

Our hens have laid about 10 eggs. We were getting a bit miffed because neither one was "setting" on the eggs so they can hatch. It's natural for them to know what to do. Which just amazes me! Lo and behold.. Willamena is setting on them eggs! Hopefully we will have some baby chicks! That would be soo cool!!

Rich and Daniel mowed and weed eated today. Looks like people live here now. March and we are MOWING the grass. Gonna be a helluva hot summer!!

Jessica got her class ring. Growing up fast!!!! She turns 17 this Saturday and cannot wait to go see a rated R movie. The little things in life. LOL

Sarah has started taking horse riding lessons. She's really enjoying it. That child will try anything once and loves animals. She goes back this Saturday for a one on one lesson and I'm sure she will be more relaxed. She said it looks like a loooong way down when you are sitting on a horse.

Daniel still has skateboard fever. He's almost as tall as Jessica now. He's such a gentleman too. His best friend is a girl. Yes, best friend. Tho I think she secretely likes him.. and i think he likes her too. He just doesn't want to mess up a good friendship. I don't blame him. I'm sure we will have A in our lives for a long time tho. I liked her from the first time I saw her at Contraband days 4 yrs ago.

My MIL is doing well. She's been busy redecorating and taking all kinds of classes and courses with her sister. She looks really good and it's been soo great to see her as often as we do now.

My BIL is on his way to GERMANY!!! That devil! He and some friends took some vacation time and went to Germany. His dad's family is from Germany, and he wanted to see where he comes from. I hope he takes lots of pictures!

Okay, time for bed. My feet are sore from shopping today. Jessica and I had fun.. then Rich and I went to walmart and ran a few other errands. Relaxing Sunday.

Tomorrow starts a new week!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I think every home should come with skylights. Especially skylights in the bedrooms. Do you know how amazing it is to wake up to the sun on your face, open your eyes and see the blue, blue sky and huge billowy clouds drifting slowly by?? To lay there and realize that every day is a new day... 24 hours can make a world of difference in a person's life.

Yes, it was kiss-kiss and I love yous and I'm sorrys all around. Arguements never last very long anymore. There really is no point. Tempers flare - fact of life. Sometimes you have shitty days and some days are grand. Sometimes you gotta wait 24 hours.

We had a guy at work who died. He took his life. It just hit so hard. I mean... a teen I can see their reasoning for it.. they just don't think things can change that much in 24 hours and they just want an end to the pain. Older people.. they've lived a long life.. they don't want to suffer anymore. But a young guy?? A guy with good looks, great sense of humor and a wonderful outlook? Goes to show you how much pain he really had and how much of it he was hiding.

So when you think your life sucks.. wait 24 hours and see how much can change. Or better yet.. get a skylight in the bedroom.. so you can see the stars at night and the clouds/sun during the day. 24 hours CAN make a difference... in any life.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

just a little busy?

We've been just a little busy. It's crazy madd trying to get the insurance to agree that our house is not worth fixing. Two contractors have told us it's just too much work. The house really just needs to be torn down. Torn down!?! Yes. So that means everything has to come out of it that is worth keeping. Hmmm. Where to store it?

Don't forget that list of contents. Gather all those receipts from here, there and yonder and sort through them. Go through 2 sheds and list what is damaged. Hmm.. where IS the stuff? Seems the walls got blown off and now all the tools/stuff that hung on them is gone. How do you know what you had??? Geeze.

And lets add a family reunion and bday parties and confirmations to the mix. OH! And, well, something else I'd rather not discuss at this time.

Can you say stress? Just a tad. But. I'm not allowed to be stressed. According to my husband, I shouldn't be. ???? Uhm. Okay!? I think. I guess. Hell, I dunno anymore!

We had a disagreement and he got totally ticked. I mean totally. Far way more than he should have, so I know the disagreement wasn't really about what we argued over - he has some underlying things there. Do you think he agrees? No. It's all my fault. Yup. I was snippy and had no right to talk to him that way.

Okay. *I'm* not allowed to be short tempered? Nope. I'm supposed to be calm, cool and collected at all times. Whatever! I know the underlying reasons I became so aggrivated with him.. I told him WHY. What was his reason? Because he didn't like the way I talked to him. HUH? When I have to tell you five times THIS is where the door is going to go... and you keep putting it THERE, doesn't that scream "I"m really not paying attention to anything you are saying and will insist things go where ever I feel."??? Yet, when I told him I felt like he was not listening.. yup. I was mean and rude and he didn't like the way I was talking to him. He cannot see WHY I am so short tempered... therefore.. he has every right to be madd at me for talking to him that way. Uhh.. okay. Whatever.

Ya know.. I was just telling someone the other day that we really haven't even argued in a long time... Guess that's a broke record.

I still don't see why he's so angry. Oh well, he can just get glad in the same pants he got madd in. I did! Funny, when I spoke to him earlier he was still so madd.. and I was over it the moment I walked out the room. Actually, I wasn't ever MADD, I was so darn frustrated after the fourth time of explaing WHY the door was going HERE and not THERE. ARGH! I mean.. you cannot have a doorway where stairs are!? You know.. those stairs to get to that room up there! HELLO?