Sunday, March 12, 2006

and then, and then, and then, and then???

It just seems to never end! Maybe not END, end... I'd just like it to slow down some. Just a tad.

Our contractor and another insurance adjustor walked thru our house last week. This week they are both submitting their paperwork. We shall see what the insurance company says THIS time. It's very frustrating. Very. I'm so glad Rich is off so he can handle this crap. I'd be popping valiums.

Our hens have laid about 10 eggs. We were getting a bit miffed because neither one was "setting" on the eggs so they can hatch. It's natural for them to know what to do. Which just amazes me! Lo and behold.. Willamena is setting on them eggs! Hopefully we will have some baby chicks! That would be soo cool!!

Rich and Daniel mowed and weed eated today. Looks like people live here now. March and we are MOWING the grass. Gonna be a helluva hot summer!!

Jessica got her class ring. Growing up fast!!!! She turns 17 this Saturday and cannot wait to go see a rated R movie. The little things in life. LOL

Sarah has started taking horse riding lessons. She's really enjoying it. That child will try anything once and loves animals. She goes back this Saturday for a one on one lesson and I'm sure she will be more relaxed. She said it looks like a loooong way down when you are sitting on a horse.

Daniel still has skateboard fever. He's almost as tall as Jessica now. He's such a gentleman too. His best friend is a girl. Yes, best friend. Tho I think she secretely likes him.. and i think he likes her too. He just doesn't want to mess up a good friendship. I don't blame him. I'm sure we will have A in our lives for a long time tho. I liked her from the first time I saw her at Contraband days 4 yrs ago.

My MIL is doing well. She's been busy redecorating and taking all kinds of classes and courses with her sister. She looks really good and it's been soo great to see her as often as we do now.

My BIL is on his way to GERMANY!!! That devil! He and some friends took some vacation time and went to Germany. His dad's family is from Germany, and he wanted to see where he comes from. I hope he takes lots of pictures!

Okay, time for bed. My feet are sore from shopping today. Jessica and I had fun.. then Rich and I went to walmart and ran a few other errands. Relaxing Sunday.

Tomorrow starts a new week!

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