Thursday, March 30, 2006

I found myself!

My MIL recently got a laptop. A NICE one too. She also got cable internet and a wireless router. SWEET!

Did I mention my MIL has never used a computer before? uh. yah.

BUT! She is amazing at how fast she learns! And for never having a computer.. man, oh man! She can move around that computer lickety-split!

She's got a yahoo email address. Then I put messenger on her computer. Now we messenger back and forth. She's a hoot!

When she gets stuck and cannot answer me in messenger, she will call on the phone. So we have a messenger going, yahoo email going and we are on the phone. multi-tasking, honey!

We were multi-tasking earlier and she could not find the box with my message in it. then it pops up and she's laughing going, "Here i am! I found me. I found myself. Yup, there i am!"

She's having a ball!

I've been online for 15+ yrs... so it's all point and click to me. Second nature. I forget what things are supposed to be called and don't know how to explain things to her so she can understand. Then we get the giggles. Oh boy! Add her sister in there and it can get confusing.

It is a blast tho! J is scared to death of clicking anything! I think i'm showing her it can be FUN to click and learn. You aren't going to hurt anything by clicking. It's how I learned all i know!

My MIL... she wants to learn. She was scared at first to click anything that I hadn't explained. NOW? She's like, "oh yah, then i went there and clicked,... and it brought me there,,, then I signed on..." wow! And she's learned all this in less than 2 weeks!!

People. She. scanned. pictures.! all by herself! She's getting paths down.. it's starting to all come together. You can see the light bulb going off and that's so neat.

This weekend... I plan on taking my laptop over there and surfing while she's playing around..then she can ask me questions as they come up and I can help her.

Exciting news for J tomorrow. I'll fill ya in later! time to get in bed. i'm pooped!

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