Saturday, March 04, 2006

just a little busy?

We've been just a little busy. It's crazy madd trying to get the insurance to agree that our house is not worth fixing. Two contractors have told us it's just too much work. The house really just needs to be torn down. Torn down!?! Yes. So that means everything has to come out of it that is worth keeping. Hmmm. Where to store it?

Don't forget that list of contents. Gather all those receipts from here, there and yonder and sort through them. Go through 2 sheds and list what is damaged. Hmm.. where IS the stuff? Seems the walls got blown off and now all the tools/stuff that hung on them is gone. How do you know what you had??? Geeze.

And lets add a family reunion and bday parties and confirmations to the mix. OH! And, well, something else I'd rather not discuss at this time.

Can you say stress? Just a tad. But. I'm not allowed to be stressed. According to my husband, I shouldn't be. ???? Uhm. Okay!? I think. I guess. Hell, I dunno anymore!

We had a disagreement and he got totally ticked. I mean totally. Far way more than he should have, so I know the disagreement wasn't really about what we argued over - he has some underlying things there. Do you think he agrees? No. It's all my fault. Yup. I was snippy and had no right to talk to him that way.

Okay. *I'm* not allowed to be short tempered? Nope. I'm supposed to be calm, cool and collected at all times. Whatever! I know the underlying reasons I became so aggrivated with him.. I told him WHY. What was his reason? Because he didn't like the way I talked to him. HUH? When I have to tell you five times THIS is where the door is going to go... and you keep putting it THERE, doesn't that scream "I"m really not paying attention to anything you are saying and will insist things go where ever I feel."??? Yet, when I told him I felt like he was not listening.. yup. I was mean and rude and he didn't like the way I was talking to him. He cannot see WHY I am so short tempered... therefore.. he has every right to be madd at me for talking to him that way. Uhh.. okay. Whatever.

Ya know.. I was just telling someone the other day that we really haven't even argued in a long time... Guess that's a broke record.

I still don't see why he's so angry. Oh well, he can just get glad in the same pants he got madd in. I did! Funny, when I spoke to him earlier he was still so madd.. and I was over it the moment I walked out the room. Actually, I wasn't ever MADD, I was so darn frustrated after the fourth time of explaing WHY the door was going HERE and not THERE. ARGH! I mean.. you cannot have a doorway where stairs are!? You know.. those stairs to get to that room up there! HELLO?


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