Wednesday, March 29, 2006

making progress, ya think?

We had a second adjustor with our insurance walk thru our house. They agreed lots of things were missed and have been added and updated. I dunno how you can miss that amount of stuff! Well, I do. But we won't talk about that.

We are now waiting for our contractor to look over the updated list and see if anything still has been left off. Then we will present it to the insurance company and go from there. Wish us luck!

My MIL got a laptop. She's such a quick learner! She's scanning pictures and printing things and burning CDs. With a little guidance.. but man.. having never been on a computer.. she catches on quick! If she hits a snag I can usually walk her thru it. Her sister comes over when I'm there. She's taking my "classes" too LOL They forget I've been doing this for 14+ yrs.

Big things in the works for Jessica. Whoo hoo. More on that later.

Rich went to Kerrville, Texas this past weekend with the Jeep club we belong to. He wasn't too impressed. It was guided tours only. Most of these trails he wouldn't have normally gone over. He's just not that kind of guy who rides over rocks and tries to mess up his jeep. He doesn't like to flip over either. He said at one point his knees were shaking as they passed over some rocks. He's the kind who likes to take leizure rides and enjoy the scenery, stopping when he wants, etc. But overall he enjoyed the trip.

Sarah's lesson last week was canceled. She's counting down the days this week. Hopefully I can get a few snapshots of her on the horse. She's got some ropers and some new "cowgirl" jeans to wear for this weeks' lesson. She's so excited.

Time to get to bed.. my nap from earlier is wearing off! Full day ahead.

Oh! one more week for baby chicks!

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