Sunday, March 05, 2006


I think every home should come with skylights. Especially skylights in the bedrooms. Do you know how amazing it is to wake up to the sun on your face, open your eyes and see the blue, blue sky and huge billowy clouds drifting slowly by?? To lay there and realize that every day is a new day... 24 hours can make a world of difference in a person's life.

Yes, it was kiss-kiss and I love yous and I'm sorrys all around. Arguements never last very long anymore. There really is no point. Tempers flare - fact of life. Sometimes you have shitty days and some days are grand. Sometimes you gotta wait 24 hours.

We had a guy at work who died. He took his life. It just hit so hard. I mean... a teen I can see their reasoning for it.. they just don't think things can change that much in 24 hours and they just want an end to the pain. Older people.. they've lived a long life.. they don't want to suffer anymore. But a young guy?? A guy with good looks, great sense of humor and a wonderful outlook? Goes to show you how much pain he really had and how much of it he was hiding.

So when you think your life sucks.. wait 24 hours and see how much can change. Or better yet.. get a skylight in the bedroom.. so you can see the stars at night and the clouds/sun during the day. 24 hours CAN make a difference... in any life.

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