Thursday, April 27, 2006

ALL Snake!

It's been 7 months since the hurricane. We have still not settled with the insurance company. SEVEN. LONG. MONTHS.

I called today. Let's just say they KNOW who I am and KNOW I am not happy with how we have been treated and the way our claim has been handled.

Do I think they really care? No. I plan to call them daily from this point forward to see how my claim is going. If they cannot light a fire.. well.. this coonass sure can.

I told my agent today that this was unacceptable to me. We had our THIRD adjustor with them out last Wednesday. They said it would take 2 wks to get everything entered in the computer. HUH? You have had 2 previous adjustors enter things on our claim, I handed you a breakdown of the entire house from OUR contractor.. and you say it's gonna take 2 wks?

Today they called. Uhm.. well.. computer has been down.. and uh.. gonna be another week or so.


The agent agreed this has gone on too long. So my reply was: Well, light a fire. Get off your tail and light a fire or I will. Go above these people and light a fire.. you don't want me coming down there to the office. I assure you!

He agreed he didn't feel that would be necessary.. he said Richard had been there previously. OH? Ya don't say!? And still you have NOT gotten off ya tail and done anything??

Why should *WE* do all the work? Last I looked, I paid YOU to take care of ME!?

I tell ya... get ready! I read All Snake is gonna start dropping policies all along the shores. They are afraid they are gonna go under. HELLO? You WERE a leading company. Where is all that money people have paid in???

Better check your policies and contact your agents. Ask how quickly they settled claims, how many complaints they had and how many they have dropped.

Act quickly! Hurricane Season starts JUNE 1st! Maybe this year they will name a hurricane after ME. Gonna feel like one blew thru soon!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

give me strength, Oh Lord!

Give me strength to deal with these teenagers! Aliens have snagged their souls and left some undeserving , smart-mouthed, lazy droid in their place. Give me back my child!

I tell ya what.. it takes all my patience these days to not pack the bag and send the kid away! Sometimes, I really don't care where either!

All I ask is for you to pick up after yourself. When you ask to be brought here and there we do it. We know how important being with your friends is and how much fun those teen years are supposed to be.

So when I ask you to put the damned clothes washing.. JUMP UP AND DO IT ALREADY!!

Now you will have plenty of time... because..


Now, I feel better :)

Monday, April 17, 2006


Hope everyone had a HOPPY Easter! It was good to spend time with family!

We also stopped in at a church where our friend is the pastor... they had a program running.. it was really neat! It was called Three Days Later. It was set up like a road in town and as you walked there were "stations" set up. At each station there was a story told to you by the person. It was really neat! I'll get some pictures up soon.

Our third insurance adjustor came today. It was a husband and wife team. They were not happy to see our contractor here. Oh well. There are here to help us and help us they did.

The insurance adjustors walked thru and said, "You've maxed your policy." No measurements, no questions, no moving anything.

In 2 weeks we should know the final answer. Either they total our house or we take the next step. I know, the suspense is killing you haha.

I never want to go thru this again!!!!!! This really sucks. So many times we saw hurricanes go thru towns and prayed for those people and then time passed and we never heard about them again. We just assumed things were okay.

We were hit really hard. And it's been a long, trying 7 months. Having a baby didnt' seem to drag out this long!!!

I want my life back. I want a house with space and room to move. I want my kids to have company and friends to gather for fun and good food!

I want to be normal.

One day. Soon. I hope.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Being submissive does not mean being a doormat to your spouse. I'm surprised when women say they are not submissive their husbands. Granted, the husband is probably not submissive to God. The wife is to be submissive to her husband. The husband is to be submissive to God, and make decisions based on God's will and commandments and not out of selfishness for himself.

Yes, I am submissive to my husband. This does not mean I do not have a voice in things. Take for instance the recent hurricane. There were lots of decisions to be made. My husband and I talked about our options. We discussed pros and cons. Then my husband made the final decision based on what he felt was best for his family. We also prayed about it and continue to pray about it. As the submissive wife, I am to support his decision. I know it wasn't easy and it's not one he takes lightly. He never makes quick decisions; often prefering to sleep on things.

Why all the talk about submission??

We have chickens. A rooster, two hens and now 5 baby chicks. The mamma hen and her babies are in a special pen until the chicks are too big to slip out the fence. Gertrude and Big Daddy (yes, we name our animals) are allowed to walk around the acre. They are comfortable around people and other animals. They seem happy and are very excited in the mornings when we let them out.

The hens follow Big Daddy all over. They don't stray very far from his side. In the mornings
they make a bee line for the patio. Breakfast! June bugs for breakfast! They gobble them up left and right. Then they go around the yard scratching and pecking. It's fun to watch the chickens and learn about their personalilites. It's also neat to watch how they interact and their different sounds.

If Big Daddy finds something good in the yard he will make a certain sound and the hens come running. He "points" to the goodie on the ground and they gobble it up. The other day they were walking around on the patio and he found a missed June bug. He made the right noise but Gertrude didn't hear him. He picked up the bug, walked towards her, dropped it and made the noise again. This time she jetted on over and gobbled it up! He's taking care of them! He leads the way around the yard and they happily go along trusting in him and submitting to him. He's never let them down so far. Even when the puppies learned that chickens run when chased, Big Daddy never ran off ahead of the hens. He stayed with them, keeping between them and the barking dogs. He made sure the hens were never seperated from the group and he never stopped circling them until the dogs gave up their fun.

When Willamena would get off her eggs for an hour a day to stretch and eat, Big Daddy and Gertrude would ruuuuun to the chicken yard and go meet her. They'd cackle and flap wings and coo at her. Keeping her going and making sure she knew they were waiting for her eggs to hatch so she could join them again.

Funny that chickens would do that. Supporting, submitting and protecting. God instilled it even in them. Just think what humans are capable of if only they would do the same.

God, man, woman, children.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Horses, horses, horses everywhere!

Here are some pictures from today's lesson. Enjoy! Oh yah, and we have five baby chicks!