Monday, April 17, 2006


Hope everyone had a HOPPY Easter! It was good to spend time with family!

We also stopped in at a church where our friend is the pastor... they had a program running.. it was really neat! It was called Three Days Later. It was set up like a road in town and as you walked there were "stations" set up. At each station there was a story told to you by the person. It was really neat! I'll get some pictures up soon.

Our third insurance adjustor came today. It was a husband and wife team. They were not happy to see our contractor here. Oh well. There are here to help us and help us they did.

The insurance adjustors walked thru and said, "You've maxed your policy." No measurements, no questions, no moving anything.

In 2 weeks we should know the final answer. Either they total our house or we take the next step. I know, the suspense is killing you haha.

I never want to go thru this again!!!!!! This really sucks. So many times we saw hurricanes go thru towns and prayed for those people and then time passed and we never heard about them again. We just assumed things were okay.

We were hit really hard. And it's been a long, trying 7 months. Having a baby didnt' seem to drag out this long!!!

I want my life back. I want a house with space and room to move. I want my kids to have company and friends to gather for fun and good food!

I want to be normal.

One day. Soon. I hope.

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