Sunday, May 28, 2006


Sarah has a friend over to spend the night - ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!

You'd swear by my other two kids that THEY never got to anything like that and Sarah ALWAYS gets to do things they never did!


Sarah and her friend are up in the loft, above us. They are flipping thru the yearbook and I hear:

Like, like, like, HATE, (giggle)
Why do you hate her?
One day she ran into me and she pushed me and I flew against the wall.,. and she never said she was sorry!
Really? Wow!

What about her?
Don't really know her.
Look at him!
He's so cute!

Now they are giggling so hard.. they can barely get syllables out.

Oh, to be 11 again!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

stop the presses!!!!

I have a sink. A sink with running water and it drains! Now, to some of you that won't be any major ordeal.. But to us who have been living in a camper for seven months this is a major ordeal. We are slowly moving into our mini house. It;s a huge portable building that my wonderfully amazing husband has transformed into a mini home complete with my jacuzi tub from my bathroom, all my brand new kitchen cabinets, countertops and brand new mattresses for the beds!

And today... he finished the kitchen sink. Who knew it would take 2 full days! I'm thinking cut a hole and drop it in, a few connections.. NOT!

But it is absolutely beautiful!!! I have enjoyed washing dishes all day. I'm sure it will get old soon,, but for now I"m enjoying every minute of it!

Slowly but surely we are getting close to semi normal!

And hurricane season is a few days away. Oh joy!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

18 years of wedded bliss!

Okay, so not all 18 have been blissful... but.. for the most part.. I wouldn't change a thing. The ups and downs have made us closer as a couple and a team as parents. Everything we have gone through has made us who we are today. I'm happy with us :) Here's to another 18+!

We thought it was bad to worry about gators in the ditches? Apparently, we need to watch where we are walking in the yard! Sarah said she saw a gray snake under my office last week. The fear on that child's face! She carried Pookie, afraid a snake was going to gobble her up!

Sunday, Rich was working on water lines and what did he see slithering across the yard coming towards him??

A 4+ FOOT WATER MOCCASIN! He grabbed his pistol and no more snake! Water moccasins are not to be taken lightly! And at 4+ feet, he can really do some damage to a person or critter!

Our chicks are growing so fast! We've moved them to the yard and put the mammas in there with them at night. The chicks are still too small to let wander around during the day with the flock. Soon though. Hopefully I can snap a few pictures soon and show you how cute they are scratching and pecking in the grass!

Time to type. The other gal in on vacation and I don't wanna get too far behind!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Today I submitted our house contents list. I feel good. We still have not gone through the 2 sheds.. but we should see a good check from the contents. I was surprised at how much stuff we actually had! Wow!

One step forward. Two steps back.

Phone call yesterday - another guy has been assigned to our claim.


Get your stuff straight already! I want to stop paying insurance on a house I am not living in! Is that fair???

We will see what he has to say. Maybe he is bringing my check? Or my agents head on a silver platter? We shall see. I'm trying to stay positive. That is very hard these days. Normally I am a very up beat person. This has taken it's toll on me.

I brought Daniel to his neurologist today. He asked how things were going at home. I mentioned living in a camper and then I started crying. I almost left the room. It was so hard to see my son sit there and tell the doctor it was "okay" ( a good okay too) to be living in a camper 7 months later!

Had as a mom/parent. So hard. As hurricane season approaches again..I dunno how much longer we can do this.. I'd never wish this on anybody!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Billy Gator

Sarah named her gator Billy. Billy was picked up by the Wildlife Refuge people and released into the bayous far away. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures. They were in and out of here with Billy in a matter of moments.

Today, Sarah came to me with a blue jay on her finger. Yes! A real one! A baby one. He fell from a nest and she picked him up before the cat could get him. He was so cute! That girl has such a way with animals!

There is lots going on in our lives. Most of it I cannot write about. It's all good. Moving forward.. getting things done. I just want to wait until it's all over before I say anything.

The stress of all these million directions of things is enough to make me keep my mouth shut. I don't wanna be bombarded with questions of how, when, where and why. I'll let you know as soon as I can. I promise. It's all good, remember that. A good friend said when you have to wait a long time for something.. God usually doubles the reward. I think we are gonna be so blessed. So very blessed.

I've written before about submission.. this is one of those times I totally give rein to my husband and agree with his final decision without even thinking. I trust him and know his decisions are based on what he feels is right for his family. Still, it's very scary. I'm not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl.. so this type of giving control over is very hard for me. But, it's working. I'm already seeing the benefits.

I'm confusing you.. I'll hush!

Just remember, God is so good, all the time!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What was that??

Sarah was riding her bike yesterday and happened to look down and spotted this in our ditch.

No, this does not happen on a daily basis! I've seen them in canals..but never in a ditch in a neighborhood!

Rich is gonna try and catch it today and release it in the bayou.

Monday, May 01, 2006

He really don't like me now!

I made my phone calls.

First to the adjustor - who was really nice today! Seems Mr. Adjustor worked all weekend.. awww.. even on his day off Sunday to get it completed! Bless his heart.

Called Agent - He was really, really short with me. I asked if he had heard anything.. NO. Called anyone? No. Could he give me the number to Greg? He asked if I had it in my "notes." Uhm.. No, because you refused to give it to me yesterday, remember?

Greg calls - Assures me he has spoken to adjustor and it has been completed, being priority mailed to Florida where they will look at it and okay funds. Uhm.. okay. And how long with this take? He says 7 to 10 days. Hmmm.. not the story he gave me on Friday.. but at this point I'm already feeling this poor man has done more than his share.

Agent calls back - I tell him that it was odd Greg said if my house was indeed totalled it should have gone to a different department and expedited immediately. He gets very, very snotty with me and says we don't have to go backwards and how I don't have to call every single day because this would have been handled.

OH? In 7 months *I* have done all the calling to get me this far.. and now suddenly you have had enough??

He says we have spoken enough in the past 5 days. Enough? I should have done this early on and maybe it would have pushed them to getting something done already!

He tells me it WOULD have been handled and that I have felt it was not.. whoa buddy. It's not about feeling it hasn't been handled.. IT HAS NOT BEEN HANDLED AT ALL.

I again tell him that *I* have done all the phone calls and he says "no you have not. I just called you."

Uhm.. okay Mr. Third Grader.. you just called me BACK.

To which he says ... "we can go round and round. "

And I say, "Yes, but you don't have to get snotty with me."

And he says, "Well, you are going to go to a different insurance anyways, so it really doesn't matter!"

"Uhm, yes, it does. You are to be professional about your business. had you been treating me and handling my claim appropriately I would not have to call you daily. Furthermore, how you handle it from here on out says a lot about you and your business. You can take the high road or you can take the low road, the call is yours to make."

To which he replied, "Well,you can take the high road too!"

I say, "Oh, trust me, I have. I have. I could have caused a REALLY BIG STINK. "

long ... long... pause.

I gather my strength not to yank him through the phone and say:
"I'll be looking forward to your call saying I can come get my money and have this settled."


Does it seem fair that Mr. Agent is taking hourly lunches while his people are waiting to find out their fate 7 months after the damage? Does it seem right that he never checked into our claim after 7 months and asked why is this taking so long?? Is it right for him to cop and attitude with me because I have called daily to find out the situation on MY claim?? Something HE should have been doing. At one point they said they would call and check in with us... they did ONCE. They day after the adjustors came and said they would stay on top of things... they failed. Again.

So people... hear us in the South! Don't think you are in Good Hands!

It's your own hands you are left in... I have paid another year of insurance on a house I have not lived in for 7 months. Is that right?

They are also saying premiums will be raised.... my mom and dad's was. THey cannot tell them why. Some were raised, some were not. They don't know why.

Good hands? I think not!


I don't think my agent likes me very much. He and I went round and round again on Friday until I finally just said, "Ya know, just give me person's name and number how is ABOVE the adjustors."

Needless to say, I was a bit pissed when the guy I called informed me he was just an adjustor, just the same as the one I currently have. So.. my agent didn't give me the number/name above them... and I"m not happy. He will be hearing about that.

I plan on calling both the adjustor and agent again today! Surely the computer system is not STILL down. And if it is, they best be pushing some pencil on some paper! What did people do before computers????

geeze.. enough already!

I'll update later!