Monday, May 01, 2006

He really don't like me now!

I made my phone calls.

First to the adjustor - who was really nice today! Seems Mr. Adjustor worked all weekend.. awww.. even on his day off Sunday to get it completed! Bless his heart.

Called Agent - He was really, really short with me. I asked if he had heard anything.. NO. Called anyone? No. Could he give me the number to Greg? He asked if I had it in my "notes." Uhm.. No, because you refused to give it to me yesterday, remember?

Greg calls - Assures me he has spoken to adjustor and it has been completed, being priority mailed to Florida where they will look at it and okay funds. Uhm.. okay. And how long with this take? He says 7 to 10 days. Hmmm.. not the story he gave me on Friday.. but at this point I'm already feeling this poor man has done more than his share.

Agent calls back - I tell him that it was odd Greg said if my house was indeed totalled it should have gone to a different department and expedited immediately. He gets very, very snotty with me and says we don't have to go backwards and how I don't have to call every single day because this would have been handled.

OH? In 7 months *I* have done all the calling to get me this far.. and now suddenly you have had enough??

He says we have spoken enough in the past 5 days. Enough? I should have done this early on and maybe it would have pushed them to getting something done already!

He tells me it WOULD have been handled and that I have felt it was not.. whoa buddy. It's not about feeling it hasn't been handled.. IT HAS NOT BEEN HANDLED AT ALL.

I again tell him that *I* have done all the phone calls and he says "no you have not. I just called you."

Uhm.. okay Mr. Third Grader.. you just called me BACK.

To which he says ... "we can go round and round. "

And I say, "Yes, but you don't have to get snotty with me."

And he says, "Well, you are going to go to a different insurance anyways, so it really doesn't matter!"

"Uhm, yes, it does. You are to be professional about your business. had you been treating me and handling my claim appropriately I would not have to call you daily. Furthermore, how you handle it from here on out says a lot about you and your business. You can take the high road or you can take the low road, the call is yours to make."

To which he replied, "Well,you can take the high road too!"

I say, "Oh, trust me, I have. I have. I could have caused a REALLY BIG STINK. "

long ... long... pause.

I gather my strength not to yank him through the phone and say:
"I'll be looking forward to your call saying I can come get my money and have this settled."


Does it seem fair that Mr. Agent is taking hourly lunches while his people are waiting to find out their fate 7 months after the damage? Does it seem right that he never checked into our claim after 7 months and asked why is this taking so long?? Is it right for him to cop and attitude with me because I have called daily to find out the situation on MY claim?? Something HE should have been doing. At one point they said they would call and check in with us... they did ONCE. They day after the adjustors came and said they would stay on top of things... they failed. Again.

So people... hear us in the South! Don't think you are in Good Hands!

It's your own hands you are left in... I have paid another year of insurance on a house I have not lived in for 7 months. Is that right?

They are also saying premiums will be raised.... my mom and dad's was. THey cannot tell them why. Some were raised, some were not. They don't know why.

Good hands? I think not!

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