Saturday, May 27, 2006

stop the presses!!!!

I have a sink. A sink with running water and it drains! Now, to some of you that won't be any major ordeal.. But to us who have been living in a camper for seven months this is a major ordeal. We are slowly moving into our mini house. It;s a huge portable building that my wonderfully amazing husband has transformed into a mini home complete with my jacuzi tub from my bathroom, all my brand new kitchen cabinets, countertops and brand new mattresses for the beds!

And today... he finished the kitchen sink. Who knew it would take 2 full days! I'm thinking cut a hole and drop it in, a few connections.. NOT!

But it is absolutely beautiful!!! I have enjoyed washing dishes all day. I'm sure it will get old soon,, but for now I"m enjoying every minute of it!

Slowly but surely we are getting close to semi normal!

And hurricane season is a few days away. Oh joy!

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