Monday, June 19, 2006

6.5 inches!

Yes! We got some rain today!!! Who hoo! We sure needed it. What were you thinking?? OH! You dirty-minded heathen LOL

It rained from 2am until... close to 5pm. There was a lot of lightening last night. I snuggled up close to my honey - I don't like bad weather.
After an hour it stopped but the rain continued.

Daniel is back from Georgia. Sarah stayed. I have to go pick her up in 4 weeks. I sure miss her giggles and sillyness. Her crazy stories and her wild ideas. I'm sure she is having a ball with her cousin. She said they went iceskating! She said her legs hurt LOLOLOL Her knee was all wobbly. I would have loved to see that.

The new girl we hired is on vacation. The old gal quit 2 days before her vacation came up. Yes, that leaves me in a crack and that crack is very tight!!! I don't know whether I'm coming or going or what the hell needs to be typed pronto.

I'm gonna NEED my vacation! I sure hope my boss approves it! I have to go pick up Sarah in Geogia. If she don't approve it.. may have to check me into the funny farm! cook-coo! Hopefully OTHER new girl will be easy breezy and the new girl will come back full of spunk and ready to go. I sure hope so. I'm tired and it's just the first day.

Of note.. Rich hooked up the VCR so now I can tape/watch all the shows I been missing. Who would have thought I'd miss TV? I like to watch tv while I fold clothes/do bills, etc.. and sometimes there is just nothing worth watching. This way I can fast forward through the commercials.

I know.. why not get tivo and catch up with the rest of 2006... it's not offered in our area. Oh the joys of living in a small town. One day.... one day....

I caught a glimpse of the Soaps one day last week. Man, those people have AGED! And the same crises keeps going around.. affairs, stolen babies, identies and crimes of passion. bleh! I'm so glad I never watched them much.

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