Sunday, June 11, 2006

A lil Sunshine!

A very good friend of mine had extra tickets for a concert and wanted to share the love! I was so glad she did. I was able to call my sister to join me and we had a wonderful time!!!


Who? WHO? WHO????

I'm talking about a band that takes me back to the skating rink, couple skates, tight jeans with huge purple combs in the back pocket to fix your feathered hair with!

I'm talking about KC and the Sunshine Band!

We had an awesome time despite the floor workers threatening to take everyone's cameras and phones. What asses!

My friend was able to take my camera backstage and get some photos!

Before the concert we ate at the casino buffet. mmm and one of the drivers met up with us. After the concert a group of us were in one of the bars and the keyboard player joined us. Too cool!

My kids will be disappointed... they love his music.. but I was able to purchase a new CD at the concert - mine were lost in the hurricane!

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