Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July? Already!?

Yikes! We are more than halfway through July! This year has really flown by.

My teen is a driver now. Zipping all over and it's niiiice. She's really enjoying her independence. Last night she discovered she was low on power steering fluid. It was so cute to her with smudges of grime on her forehead and fingers and cheek LOL She got the manual, checked the levels and .. CALLED DAD hahaha. She found the fluid, filled the tank and is keeping a close eye on it. Great lesson about responbility and upkeep of having your own car. She's a great driver and I'm not near as nervous as I was the first day!


Funny, we could not understand WHY our parents were so nervous with us driving. Now I know! And I also know how she feels.

It's so nice with dentist, ortho, and errands. I have no doubt when she really spreads her wings and ventures into the big world, she will do just fine. She makes us so proud.


As Rich and I rode around after the hurricane, we talked about how long we thought it would take for our town to get back to prestorm. He said a year, easily. I said NO WAY. We southerners are a hard-working people!

It's almost been 10 months and we are still not back to prestorm. Most businesses are still running with small amounts of workers. A few weeks ago I saw Walmart had a sign saying they were gonna be open at 5a.m. soon. It use to be 24 hours, so I'm not sure now what their hours are.

I guess I was in denial about how much damage we actually had. It's hard to image such wide spread damage. There are many like us who are still not moving forward. Many have moved, never to return. It's so sad.

We finally received our last check from our insurance. Yeah! We have been looking at houses and land - but everything goes soo fast and is soo expensive. IT's hard to find something that meets what we need, and we've decided we are not going to "settle". So we just keep looking and praying. One day the right place will show itself. I've got enough to keep me busy for now.

I have a house to get rid of. Anyone want a cheap house?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

crazy thinking

I use to think I was quirky. Now I'm not so sure.

Do you group your canned goods together in the pantry? All the corn, all the green beans, etc. Of course! It makes is so much easier to find things.

Then I also group them by fruits, meats, veggies, etc. Just easier to find them.

The books I use for work are colored - makes it easier to find the one I need. So put them in color order.

Clothes in my closet were/are the same way. All the red shirts go together, the blue, the green... the shirts come first, then the pants.. then I split it off from everyday and dressy. I also put them colors in order. You know.. Roy G Biv. :)

I also noticed my keys on my keychain all lay with notches facing the same direction. They are also grouped according to how often they are used. Most used is in the middle.. then it fans out to either side. One side being the ones around here, the other is for family's house keys, gates, etc. Can't be mixing them up you know. I also have rubber keylets on them, which are colored so I can find the key faster. Orange for Office, Green for House, etc.

Guess I'm more organized than I thought. These are small things to organize. Easy to control and stay on top of things.

Laundry? Forget it. I gave that job to Jessica and she does an awesome job at it!

Time to get moving.. lunch at MILs today :)

Much thought

My house is insanely quiet. Sarah is still in Georgia, at my brother's. While I know she is having a wonderful time... I miss her so much.

There are no giggles, no stories, no can we's or what if's. No stories of her crazy dreams or crazy ideas of things we could do.

I miss that creativity of hers. That imagination that never seems to stop. That pushing the limits of acceptable.

I hate this quietness, the stillness.

I enjoy that hustle and bustle a lot more than I let myself admit.

I will be so happy to have her home.

I miss Sarah. And each day that goes by, I miss her more and more.