Sunday, July 02, 2006

crazy thinking

I use to think I was quirky. Now I'm not so sure.

Do you group your canned goods together in the pantry? All the corn, all the green beans, etc. Of course! It makes is so much easier to find things.

Then I also group them by fruits, meats, veggies, etc. Just easier to find them.

The books I use for work are colored - makes it easier to find the one I need. So put them in color order.

Clothes in my closet were/are the same way. All the red shirts go together, the blue, the green... the shirts come first, then the pants.. then I split it off from everyday and dressy. I also put them colors in order. You know.. Roy G Biv. :)

I also noticed my keys on my keychain all lay with notches facing the same direction. They are also grouped according to how often they are used. Most used is in the middle.. then it fans out to either side. One side being the ones around here, the other is for family's house keys, gates, etc. Can't be mixing them up you know. I also have rubber keylets on them, which are colored so I can find the key faster. Orange for Office, Green for House, etc.

Guess I'm more organized than I thought. These are small things to organize. Easy to control and stay on top of things.

Laundry? Forget it. I gave that job to Jessica and she does an awesome job at it!

Time to get moving.. lunch at MILs today :)

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