Monday, April 23, 2007

One day closer

One day closer.. one day closer to our new house.

It's worse then a kid waiting on Cmas. I have had so much patience this past year.. waiting.. no rush. Now we are talking hours and I dunno how much longer I can take!


Friday, April 20, 2007

My head hurts

Finally. I dunno if I like this google/blogger thing. I don't do well with change. Even after all this time, my fingers instantly knew the sign on and password. Then I messed it up and linked blogger to it. UGH. I was spinning in circles there for a minute trying to remember what I changed it to this time. Between aol, yahoo, blogger, google, aim, work .. the passwords and sign ons get mixed up! I need a PDA just to keep it all straight.

Okay.. so it did rain. AND, the windows were down on my truck. It must not have rained long because the seats were dry by noon. I dunno how I managed to leave the windows down. I'm pretty fanatic about stuff like that. I musta been really tired. The rain we did have did the dirt good. It's good and packed now. Just what we wanted.

This weekend we are headed to our new house to take down the porch and do some stuff on the inside before they move it. Moving day is approaching. It's gonna be so nice to finally have a nice, big home again. The paperwork was finalized today and all is a go! The kids are already asking if they can sleep in their rooms with extension cords for fans. SURE! Wonder how long that is gonna last? It's good to see them excited and looking forward. For so long it seemed like it was never gonna happen. It's really going faster than I thought. Tomorrow is already Saturday.

Back in February I realized we were spending a tad too much on food and household stuff. While I'm not one to have a set budget for things, I knew we needed to curb the cost some and started hunting for ways to make that happen. Who's not up for saving money?? I my surfing the wonderful internet (what did we do without the internet???) I stumbled across coupon sites. Glorious coupons! And what a ball I have had since that day. My kids rib me about CVS and shopping with coupons, but they sure aren't complaining about the money we are saving in the meantime. It's taken a bit of getting use to - shopping on different days and a whole new way of buying things - but I am loving it. I'm a stockpiler by nature, so this really just feeds into that nicely. A friend has just joined me in couponing and it's neat to see someone else get as excited as I do over saving some serious cash! We won't talk about me riding around with 20 cans of Chef-boyardee in the back of my truck because I had no more room to store anything in my house or the pantry outside. Seriously. The kids are loving the new shampoos and deoderants and all the yummy foods we have been sampling. Things I would have NEVER paid full price for. NOW? Hey, .50 for that? Sure, let's get 10 of them.

I don't wanna hear "there is NOTHING to eat in the house" anymore.

Actually, the kids have requested that I take a break.. we are busting at the seams, they claim. Little do they know.. the new house has tons of storage. LOOK OUT!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

can ya make it simpler? just a tad!??

Omgosh, blogger had hooked up with google and I just spent 25 minutes going in circles trying to link the two together. argh! Now, if I can just remember all the steps and new passwords needed.

Thank goodness the bad weather bypassed us! Trust me, we don't need any more horrific storms for, oh, say, about 50 years or more.

More dirt delivered today. Slowly but surely. Please, no more rain! I want my house!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

It's a coming

We are expecting really bad weather tonight. My parents have already called and asked if we wanted to go stay there. That freaks me out. We live in a portable building that we converted to a house - complete with kitchen, bath (with my jaccuzi tub), living room/dining room, our bedroom, jessica's room and daniel and sarah stay in the lofts. One if over the kitchen/bath and one is over our room and J's room. The center is open. The roof is arched, so that gives more head room in the lofts. They all love their space, they don't complain for the small spaces.. but we are looking forward to our new house. Anyway.. it's not a safe place to be in a severe storm. My office and laundry room are each in portable buildings too. Looks like a compound around here these days.

Anyway.. I'm trying to decide if we should stay or go. Sometimes they hype up the weather and spread panic.... but you can never be too careful. Especially where we live. There is nothing to break the wind.. it's open pastures and since the hurricane the trees are thinned out. I've got the weather channel on and it's not looking good. Great. Good thing I've done all the laundry today. Quick packing.

Wind freaks me out. REALLY freaks me out. I may go hang out at mom's, play some cards and relax. I just worry about what I have here. It's all I have. It's not a lot.. but it's all I have.

I'll let ya know!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another week

Another week has come and gone and not a whole lot has changed.

More rain delays the plans. One day it will happen... one day.

I have a new sister in law and a neice and a nephew. It's really great to have them in town.

I really have a great Mother in law.

Four-wheeler riding today was fantastic. It really is nice to do things with your teens and they think mom and dad are so cool.

I've been getting so much free stuff using coupons - it's UNREAL! And to believe I paid money for these things in the past and usually bought generic thinking it was cheaper and just as good.

I'm so glad I had a wakeup call. I'm richer, less stressed, enjoy shopping for a deal and... totally stocked up on all those MUST HAVES.

Life is good in the South.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Alive in the South

Yes, we are alive. It's been quite and adventure - one I don't ever want to relive again! Ever.

Easter is tomorrow. Figured it was a good time to resurface the blog.


Finally settled with insurance. Living in a portable building that my wonderful husband converted into a mini house complete with 2 lofts for the younger two and 2 bedrooms - one for J and one for us. Big enough for a bed and nightstand. There ya go.

Totalled my tahoe - some teen hit me and then I hit a truck and totalled him out. Got another Tahoe - I'm happy!

Sold and moved old damaged house. They plan to gut it and start all over. Better them than me!

20 loads of dirt, many yards of cement and much tractor work - our runners are poured for our new home. To be moved when the rain stops and the ground dries.

Jessica is working, dating and getting ready to graduate.

Daniel and Sarah are growing like weeds.

Rich switched jobs... I work less... life is good :)

Seriously, I don't wish this on anybody, but I know God knew we could handle it. It's been a big test of my faith and I'm pleased to say I passed! It's made us closer as a family and my kids know we can pull through anything.

More updates as they become available. I sure missed blogging, but insanity, depression and much anger prevented me from getting it on the internet. I did, and always do, write in my journal. So the feelings and memories of that time will never be forgotten.

Just remember. .. we are still struggling in the south - and I'm not talking about just New Orleans! Our stores still close early, many still run on limited workers. Tin and down trees and "stuff" are still in fields and many people are still displaced. many have started rebuilding, but it's been 1 1/2 years and they are finally able to start rebuilding.

It's been a long road.. one I hope ends soon and we can get back to normal living :)