Saturday, April 07, 2007

Alive in the South

Yes, we are alive. It's been quite and adventure - one I don't ever want to relive again! Ever.

Easter is tomorrow. Figured it was a good time to resurface the blog.


Finally settled with insurance. Living in a portable building that my wonderful husband converted into a mini house complete with 2 lofts for the younger two and 2 bedrooms - one for J and one for us. Big enough for a bed and nightstand. There ya go.

Totalled my tahoe - some teen hit me and then I hit a truck and totalled him out. Got another Tahoe - I'm happy!

Sold and moved old damaged house. They plan to gut it and start all over. Better them than me!

20 loads of dirt, many yards of cement and much tractor work - our runners are poured for our new home. To be moved when the rain stops and the ground dries.

Jessica is working, dating and getting ready to graduate.

Daniel and Sarah are growing like weeds.

Rich switched jobs... I work less... life is good :)

Seriously, I don't wish this on anybody, but I know God knew we could handle it. It's been a big test of my faith and I'm pleased to say I passed! It's made us closer as a family and my kids know we can pull through anything.

More updates as they become available. I sure missed blogging, but insanity, depression and much anger prevented me from getting it on the internet. I did, and always do, write in my journal. So the feelings and memories of that time will never be forgotten.

Just remember. .. we are still struggling in the south - and I'm not talking about just New Orleans! Our stores still close early, many still run on limited workers. Tin and down trees and "stuff" are still in fields and many people are still displaced. many have started rebuilding, but it's been 1 1/2 years and they are finally able to start rebuilding.

It's been a long road.. one I hope ends soon and we can get back to normal living :)



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