Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another week

Another week has come and gone and not a whole lot has changed.

More rain delays the plans. One day it will happen... one day.

I have a new sister in law and a neice and a nephew. It's really great to have them in town.

I really have a great Mother in law.

Four-wheeler riding today was fantastic. It really is nice to do things with your teens and they think mom and dad are so cool.

I've been getting so much free stuff using coupons - it's UNREAL! And to believe I paid money for these things in the past and usually bought generic thinking it was cheaper and just as good.

I'm so glad I had a wakeup call. I'm richer, less stressed, enjoy shopping for a deal and... totally stocked up on all those MUST HAVES.

Life is good in the South.

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