Friday, April 13, 2007

It's a coming

We are expecting really bad weather tonight. My parents have already called and asked if we wanted to go stay there. That freaks me out. We live in a portable building that we converted to a house - complete with kitchen, bath (with my jaccuzi tub), living room/dining room, our bedroom, jessica's room and daniel and sarah stay in the lofts. One if over the kitchen/bath and one is over our room and J's room. The center is open. The roof is arched, so that gives more head room in the lofts. They all love their space, they don't complain for the small spaces.. but we are looking forward to our new house. Anyway.. it's not a safe place to be in a severe storm. My office and laundry room are each in portable buildings too. Looks like a compound around here these days.

Anyway.. I'm trying to decide if we should stay or go. Sometimes they hype up the weather and spread panic.... but you can never be too careful. Especially where we live. There is nothing to break the wind.. it's open pastures and since the hurricane the trees are thinned out. I've got the weather channel on and it's not looking good. Great. Good thing I've done all the laundry today. Quick packing.

Wind freaks me out. REALLY freaks me out. I may go hang out at mom's, play some cards and relax. I just worry about what I have here. It's all I have. It's not a lot.. but it's all I have.

I'll let ya know!

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