Wednesday, May 30, 2007

password challenged

My password expired at work and had to be changed. It's another box to repeatedly try and try again to figure out what is the password.

My oldest graduated. Did you hear me??


She suddenly seems so grown up - like when you see your first child for the first time after giving birth to the second child. It's humbling. This is OUR child. Our daughter. And she makes us very proud.

Today is officially the first day of summer. wow! Hopefully the kids will have a summer filled with many fond memories. Just as they get use to sleeping late it will be time to start the torture of getting them up early in preparation of returning to school.

The garden is growing.. can hardly wait! :) Fruit trees are full of fruits.

I'm ready for the furniture to be delivered. I'm actually getting excited to decorate! Yes. Scarey, I know.

Monday night I hosted bonko (our monthly women's GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND HAVE A LIFE night). Everyone loved my house! I was so excited to show it off.

Now I'm tired. It's cloudy so that don't help matters. I want a good book to read. Maybe we'll go to the library soon. Will be nice to lounge on the living room furniture and read a good book.

I'm still clipping coupons and having so much fun saving all that money! last week I never made it to the store and saved us approximately 100.00 for that week. Contrary to what the kids think THERE IS A TON OF FOOD IN THE HOUSE. And I am about to go eat me some.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

feels like home

It's been just over a week and it just feels like home. Instantly. Home. It works so well with our family.

There is still so much to do. It's so hard to think that waiting for 1.5 yrs for a home and we still have stuff to do that didn't have anything to do with getting a home. Yard stuff. Ugh. It never ends. Rich still has a shed that needs repairs... one shed still has to be gone thru and stuff tossed. One shed just needs to be torn down.

Life goes on with our without stopping...

So.. we planted a garden instead LOL Like we don't have enough to do! But gardens are soo good. Putting stuff up for later use is great too.

I have been doing really well with my coupons. I added here and there (mostly because we don't use a budget) that we averaged around 600.00 a month on groceries. YIKES!

Now? We average 400.00 a month. Most of the time less than that too. Some weeks I just don't have time to go get the few things the coupons would allow me to get at killer prices. So I just skip the week and keep the money. Last week at Kroger, my bill went from close to 70.00 down to 21.00! Whoohooo! I loves me some coupons.

I have been having a helluva time with everyone's shoes dragging in the dirt/sand from the yard. I guess I complained too much. :( But it worked! Today, Rich came home with a truck full of grass. A guy he knows put in a pool and he gave Rich the grass they took up where the pool is going. Rich has almost all of it down - he needs to come inside and get to bed!! That should help a lot and cut down on the washout of our dirt until we can get some gutters up.

It never ends... but at least we are working in the right direct. I say that now.. June 1 (hurricane season) is just around the corner.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's see. Today work was slow. Not enough time to get started on anything major, but enough time to fold laundry and do the dishes here and there. This afternoon Rich moved my washer into the new house. Ah, the little things that make me happy. I can now wash/dry and not have to go outside! Hey folks, it's HOT outside and darn it, when I put some to wash I tend to forget about them being out there. It's much nicer to throw a pair of pants in the washer at 7 pm while inside the house doing other things than to trapse outside and do it.. all that in and out letting my good a/c out.... it's high enough, thank you.

Brought some more kitchen stuff inside from the little house. Rich would love to go get it all and bring it in here and let me put it up as I can. I don't like that. The stuff gets strung out all over and it never looks picked up and it's a pain to clean around and then it become a burdon. I like to get a section/area/cabinet/drawer at a time and go thru it and put it up where I want it to go. Then when I've had enough, I'm done. No having it look at me for 3 days, until I can get back to it. My way is slower.. but i don't like to become overwhelmed - easy to do. I also like to keep things orderly as people are stopping by to see the house. I don't even want to think about having them come 3 weeks later and the same boxes are still there. We are so busy and sometimes I have no extra time to put things away.

One step at a time... we'll get there. It really is wonderful to be in a new house :) The kids aren't rushed in the mornings and aren't all in each others' space trying to get ready. Nice and calm. So far. I have my own bathroom..i can take my time.. get dressed.. walk around in undies until I've decided what to wear.... sip my coffee in peace as i slowly wake up...

speaking of... if i don't get to sleep soon, I"ll be a zombie tomorrow!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

The day has arrived.

Last night we slept in our new house! I cannot tell you have exciting it was. I had a hard time settling down and getting to sleep. My office is still outside, so I grabbed the laptop and I'm scalping the wireless from my neighbor. She don't mind.

This morning I was awake at 6:40. Rich had been up since 4. Guess I was sleeping pretty hard because I never heard him wake up.

This morning I cooked (yes, I know it's Mother's Day, but I love being a mom) bacon, biscuits and cinnimon rolls and made coffee. MMMMM.

Now I'm off to get Sarah, who spent the night at a friends!

Life is good in the South.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

update in Louisiana

Good grief. Who would think it would take so long to get things situated with a house!?
House is moved. Wonderful. Big. Gorgeous. So happy! The water and sewer is connected.

This week we dug trenches for the lines needed to be run. Pushed 50 feet of wire through 40 feet of pipe! That's 90's and 45's and straight pieces. Did I mention it's actually 3 wires.. each 50 foot rolls weighs 50 pounds. It's all slippery and muddy from passing it under existing pipes and a trench filled with slush from the previous rain. We had to scoop up the slush in the trenches in order to put the pipes in and connect them.

Picture Rich and I covered in mud and bending and squating and digging and laying and practically wallowing in it! My shirt was STIFF when it dried due to the mudd that was on it! Mudd between my toes and under my fingernails and in my hair!

It took a solid day... but we put the wire in the pipe and ran the pipe in the trenches for the electrical and the AC unit. We still have to do the pipe and wire for the mechanical system (septic tank)! Oh, and it rained yesterday. HARD, and A LOT! We'll get to make more mud pies. Oh the memories we are making.

Hurt? omgosh, I have not worked that hard in years.. seriously. I have NO upper body strength and never bend and twist like I did doing this. My butt muscles hurt the next day.. stiff... ugh. AND TIRED! ZZZZZZ soo good.

Once the mechanical system is wired underground we can call for the inspection!!

Saturday, a friend is coming to charge up the AC unit and wire it up!

Sunday is Mother's Day - wouldn't it be awesome if.....