Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's see. Today work was slow. Not enough time to get started on anything major, but enough time to fold laundry and do the dishes here and there. This afternoon Rich moved my washer into the new house. Ah, the little things that make me happy. I can now wash/dry and not have to go outside! Hey folks, it's HOT outside and darn it, when I put some to wash I tend to forget about them being out there. It's much nicer to throw a pair of pants in the washer at 7 pm while inside the house doing other things than to trapse outside and do it.. all that in and out letting my good a/c out.... it's high enough, thank you.

Brought some more kitchen stuff inside from the little house. Rich would love to go get it all and bring it in here and let me put it up as I can. I don't like that. The stuff gets strung out all over and it never looks picked up and it's a pain to clean around and then it become a burdon. I like to get a section/area/cabinet/drawer at a time and go thru it and put it up where I want it to go. Then when I've had enough, I'm done. No having it look at me for 3 days, until I can get back to it. My way is slower.. but i don't like to become overwhelmed - easy to do. I also like to keep things orderly as people are stopping by to see the house. I don't even want to think about having them come 3 weeks later and the same boxes are still there. We are so busy and sometimes I have no extra time to put things away.

One step at a time... we'll get there. It really is wonderful to be in a new house :) The kids aren't rushed in the mornings and aren't all in each others' space trying to get ready. Nice and calm. So far. I have my own bathroom..i can take my time.. get dressed.. walk around in undies until I've decided what to wear.... sip my coffee in peace as i slowly wake up...

speaking of... if i don't get to sleep soon, I"ll be a zombie tomorrow!


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