Wednesday, May 30, 2007

password challenged

My password expired at work and had to be changed. It's another box to repeatedly try and try again to figure out what is the password.

My oldest graduated. Did you hear me??


She suddenly seems so grown up - like when you see your first child for the first time after giving birth to the second child. It's humbling. This is OUR child. Our daughter. And she makes us very proud.

Today is officially the first day of summer. wow! Hopefully the kids will have a summer filled with many fond memories. Just as they get use to sleeping late it will be time to start the torture of getting them up early in preparation of returning to school.

The garden is growing.. can hardly wait! :) Fruit trees are full of fruits.

I'm ready for the furniture to be delivered. I'm actually getting excited to decorate! Yes. Scarey, I know.

Monday night I hosted bonko (our monthly women's GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND HAVE A LIFE night). Everyone loved my house! I was so excited to show it off.

Now I'm tired. It's cloudy so that don't help matters. I want a good book to read. Maybe we'll go to the library soon. Will be nice to lounge on the living room furniture and read a good book.

I'm still clipping coupons and having so much fun saving all that money! last week I never made it to the store and saved us approximately 100.00 for that week. Contrary to what the kids think THERE IS A TON OF FOOD IN THE HOUSE. And I am about to go eat me some.


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