Tuesday, May 08, 2007

update in Louisiana

Good grief. Who would think it would take so long to get things situated with a house!?
House is moved. Wonderful. Big. Gorgeous. So happy! The water and sewer is connected.

This week we dug trenches for the lines needed to be run. Pushed 50 feet of wire through 40 feet of pipe! That's 90's and 45's and straight pieces. Did I mention it's actually 3 wires.. each 50 foot rolls weighs 50 pounds. It's all slippery and muddy from passing it under existing pipes and a trench filled with slush from the previous rain. We had to scoop up the slush in the trenches in order to put the pipes in and connect them.

Picture Rich and I covered in mud and bending and squating and digging and laying and practically wallowing in it! My shirt was STIFF when it dried due to the mudd that was on it! Mudd between my toes and under my fingernails and in my hair!

It took a solid day... but we put the wire in the pipe and ran the pipe in the trenches for the electrical and the AC unit. We still have to do the pipe and wire for the mechanical system (septic tank)! Oh, and it rained yesterday. HARD, and A LOT! We'll get to make more mud pies. Oh the memories we are making.

Hurt? omgosh, I have not worked that hard in years.. seriously. I have NO upper body strength and never bend and twist like I did doing this. My butt muscles hurt the next day.. stiff... ugh. AND TIRED! ZZZZZZ soo good.

Once the mechanical system is wired underground we can call for the inspection!!

Saturday, a friend is coming to charge up the AC unit and wire it up!

Sunday is Mother's Day - wouldn't it be awesome if.....

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