Saturday, June 30, 2007

No tv?? Unheard of.

I grew up with a tv in my room. Well, I was about 17... and I had pretty much stopped watching tv. But it was there! If I needed it.

When the kids got to the age they wanted to watch different things at night we got tvs for their rooms. GREAT! Daniel kept all his video games attached to HIS tv and played when he wanted and no more timer for shows and games. I had my clean living room back. It worked.

Then I found them watching inappropriate things. TV guards. Okay, good to go.

Then they stayed up all night. Or the tv did because they couldn't sleep without it being on.

Then they coudln't function the next day. They lived in their rooms. With the door shut. They were grouchy and moody and the rooms??? FILTHY!

Hurricane took all that away.

When we liked in the camper and then the "little house" there was just one tv We all had to decide on what to watch. We had to have the TV off by a decent hour as others were trying to sleep. It was nice. they played outside, with friends, we went places.

then we moved into our new house. They wanted tvs again. They can have them.. with a dvd player.. but no cable.

Yup. No cable. Daniel plays his games on his and will watch a movie now and then. The girls don't have one. You want to watch tv? Come in the living room. We all hunker down with pillows and blankets and gather round to watch Disney at night. They seem to enjoy it.

I know what they are watching, how much tv they are watching and we get to be together.

The tv doesn't play near like it use to. The radios are on more. They still go in their rooms for quiet time.. but this past week I found Daniel in his room drawing and Sarah finished both her library books in ONE week!! Reading and drawing.. not mind numbing tv!

They skateboard and talk on the phone and go to friends' houses and have friends over. They play GAMES and giggle and talk and read magazines..

No tv in bedrooms for us, thanks.

and yes.. even Richard and I don't have a tv in our bedroom anymore. I find I sleep much better. My bedroom is my santuary to get away from all that... and i love it!

time to head to the library! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


With a huge new house comes new changes. Change is good, right?

I have a hard time prioritizing things. You know like.. mop the kitchen and then relax knowing you can do some laundry... only to find you have mopped your way out of the laundry and into the kitchen and now have to wait until the floor is dry before you can start washing! argh. To some of you this may seem like common sense. To those of us who has a bazillion things racing through our heads at any given moment - this is more clutter to think about!

So, I resorted to lists. I am a list maker. I write the list and then prioritize the items on it. It gives me great satisfaction to cross things off. Accomplishment that I can SEE!

I made lists for all sorts of things: Grocery lists, errands lists (you know head east and do all the things on that side of the street and then head west and do all the things on the other side). This way you are not constantly crossing back and forth across traffic, saving gas and time! I know.. silly, but it works! And hey, my time is important to me. I made a master list of the meals we eat and broke them down into catagories: beef, chicken, pork, sides. No more having to rethink that list everytime I get in a funk about what to cook. I thought up the list ONCE and it's there.. always ready for viewing. Are you getting the picture? Think about it once and be done! Then your brain can focus on other things.

I rejoined Flylady. Oh, how I love her stuff. So organized and orderly.. and heck, she does the thinking for you! Lists are printed, in a binder.. I just cross them off as I go! Gotta love that! It's working. Like anything, you have to keep up with it or I won't work.

Her greatest saying is, "you can do anything for 15 minutes." And it's true. You'd be amazed at what you can do in 15 min segments. So set that timer and see what you can get done in 15 minutes. Each day do this and at the end of a week you will have really worked 1 hour and 15 minutes total. Never thought of it that way did you???

I am a perfectionist. Yes, I am. Now, before you start saying you have seen my house and my pile of laundry and my stack of dirty dishes.. know the meaning of perfectionist.

A person with a tendency to set rigid high standards of personal performance.

I was raised this way. You made all As on your report card? Good for you. Next time, make A pluses! I was always putting so much pressure on myself. I still do, but I'm working on it. So much pressure that I never wanted to fail. I'd never try things if I even thought for an instant I couldn't do it. And if did manage to convince myself to try and I failed.. oh.. the disappointent in myself. I was suppposed to do the best. DO.. not BE. I don't think my parents realized what they were doing to me. They wanted an overachiever.

I just wanted to be HAPPY.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


In the south when we say tubing.. we mean being pulled on a tube behind a boat on a lake. If we sat on a tube and waited.. well, we'd wait forever. If we tubed in the bayou we might become bait!

We loaded up and went tubing. I have not laughed that hard in so long. OMGOSH. I had to make Rich stop a few times because I was laughing so hard my eyes were closed and uh, I'm supposed to be the "spotter" and watching the kids while he drives!

My kids have reached the age where they know doom exists. I mean like.. they foresee things COULD POSSIBLY happen. Granted, Sarah has the wild imagination like her MOTHER. Everything from sharks and alligators and boogie men are gonna snatch her dangling foot while she is in the water after being flipped off the tube. We stopped once because they were having trouble and if you stop.. well, you sink. They flipped off. HORROR! Sarah climbed back on that float as fast as lightening! The second time, she freaked and her saving big brother went to the opposite end of the tube and grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the tube.. THEN he climbed on. yes, its a huge tube. They both fit on it and had room. Three smaller kids could probably fit and be comfy.

The weather was really nice. Even though a bank sign read 5:05 and 90 degrees, it really was nice. Overcast and not too humid. Really nice.

They dropped me off at a small beach on an island for a bit to sunbathe. I'm sure the passing boats were blinded by my glaring white skin! Now I'm a nice soft pink - hopefully to turn to brown in a few days.

I'd love to pack up some lawn chairs, drinks, sanwhich fixings and some kiddos/family members and spend an afternoon relaxing. Rich pulls them on the tube in front of the island beach, so we'd all get to watch. The smaller kids could swim and we could just relax in the water.

I'm pooped... time to get ready for bed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

exciting weeks!

Never a dull moment around here. We've had hail storm, lots of rain and wind, a bday party and a Father's Day BBQ! And I wonder why I'm so tired.

Hail storm was freaky! No damage to the siding, but some shingles did come up on the roof. I had the kids in the closet with me and it sounded like horses on the roof.

Rain - it's keeping the scorching heat at bay..but it makes the grass grow and then it's too wet to mow.

Bday - Daniel turned 15. wow. It's hard to see him grow so fast. All that testosterone screaming thru this veins. LOL Thank goodness I had ONE boy. He had a good time and i think his friends did too. They stay awake all night and played games and ate and games and ate and .. you get the picture. The next day at noon he coudln't take it anymore and crashed.

We rested up for Sunday.

Father's day I had 17 people here and we had a blast! Plenty of room. I sure wish I would have had furniture. Oh well. Hopefully not much longer to wait.

Time for bed. I went to the grocery store today and i"m tired! Need to take my iron again! I keep forgeting. Too many pills to be spaced out.

Friday, June 08, 2007


The day drug on and on and one and.. u get the picture.

It was a hot one day and it's just JUNE, people.

Speaking of, I"m axiously awaiting my electric bill. I know to expect more than what i was use to pay.. i just hope I don't have to pick up aluminum cans on the side of th ride to be cool this summer. I've spoken to a few people in our neighborhood with similar size homes and it seems to be okay.. lets just hope they were remembering the electric bill and not the phone bill LOL

The kids are all excited. They cannot wait to go garage saling in the morning. I'm hoping my friends won't mind. I"ll go in my own vehicle.. and I"ll keep up with them.. but my kids want to come.. what's the harm??

Hopefully we will have some good finds like last week! Great finds!

Time to get the jambalya going :) Gotta love the South!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hump Day

It's the middle of the week. First week in June is just about gone. We are half way through the year.

I"ll be 40 soon. I know, I cannot believe it either.

Times flies whether you are having fun or not. Which would you rather??


I'm off to have some fun with the kiddos. They have been playing LIFE every day. How appropriate for my blog today!



Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Golf anyone?

We had severe weather yesterday. So bad that me and kids got in my closet and waiting. The winds were a CAT 1 hurricane strength and then the hail started. Golfball sized hail or bigger. Lots of leaves, twigs, branches and stuff all over. We have shingles that came up. We aren't back to running from the first hurricane and now this...

Rich is totally depressed thinking we will never get ahead. I think I'm off to cuddle with him and make him feel better.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Specials

Last night the "men" (Richard and Daniel) headed up to the camp. Last night Sarah and I went to bed early in preparation for today's specials. It was an early-rising, fun-filled, get-it-while-you-can day of garage sales with the neighborhood women. Sarah had never been -she had no clue what to expect. She had a great time. I'm glad she was there to say "yes" and "no" to things I picked up thinking she would want them/like them.

We ended the morning with breakfast at a local joint. Sarah came home and took a nap - I found new places for the items we bought.

Sarah is up now and primping to go to a lock-in. I'm FREE. And seems everyone else is busy :( Oh well. Maybe I'll catch up on some phone calls or lounge around and play online. Sure wish we had the big screen tv and some furniture right about now. It would be a perfect night to watch movies and have some girl friends over. I tried rustling up some friends for a game of cards - they are camping, out of town or have already made plans.

Such is lazy life in the South!