Tuesday, June 26, 2007


With a huge new house comes new changes. Change is good, right?

I have a hard time prioritizing things. You know like.. mop the kitchen and then relax knowing you can do some laundry... only to find you have mopped your way out of the laundry and into the kitchen and now have to wait until the floor is dry before you can start washing! argh. To some of you this may seem like common sense. To those of us who has a bazillion things racing through our heads at any given moment - this is more clutter to think about!

So, I resorted to lists. I am a list maker. I write the list and then prioritize the items on it. It gives me great satisfaction to cross things off. Accomplishment that I can SEE!

I made lists for all sorts of things: Grocery lists, errands lists (you know head east and do all the things on that side of the street and then head west and do all the things on the other side). This way you are not constantly crossing back and forth across traffic, saving gas and time! I know.. silly, but it works! And hey, my time is important to me. I made a master list of the meals we eat and broke them down into catagories: beef, chicken, pork, sides. No more having to rethink that list everytime I get in a funk about what to cook. I thought up the list ONCE and it's there.. always ready for viewing. Are you getting the picture? Think about it once and be done! Then your brain can focus on other things.

I rejoined Flylady. Oh, how I love her stuff. So organized and orderly.. and heck, she does the thinking for you! Lists are printed, in a binder.. I just cross them off as I go! Gotta love that! It's working. Like anything, you have to keep up with it or I won't work.

Her greatest saying is, "you can do anything for 15 minutes." And it's true. You'd be amazed at what you can do in 15 min segments. So set that timer and see what you can get done in 15 minutes. Each day do this and at the end of a week you will have really worked 1 hour and 15 minutes total. Never thought of it that way did you???

I am a perfectionist. Yes, I am. Now, before you start saying you have seen my house and my pile of laundry and my stack of dirty dishes.. know the meaning of perfectionist.

A person with a tendency to set rigid high standards of personal performance.

I was raised this way. You made all As on your report card? Good for you. Next time, make A pluses! I was always putting so much pressure on myself. I still do, but I'm working on it. So much pressure that I never wanted to fail. I'd never try things if I even thought for an instant I couldn't do it. And if did manage to convince myself to try and I failed.. oh.. the disappointent in myself. I was suppposed to do the best. DO.. not BE. I don't think my parents realized what they were doing to me. They wanted an overachiever.

I just wanted to be HAPPY.

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