Wednesday, June 20, 2007

exciting weeks!

Never a dull moment around here. We've had hail storm, lots of rain and wind, a bday party and a Father's Day BBQ! And I wonder why I'm so tired.

Hail storm was freaky! No damage to the siding, but some shingles did come up on the roof. I had the kids in the closet with me and it sounded like horses on the roof.

Rain - it's keeping the scorching heat at bay..but it makes the grass grow and then it's too wet to mow.

Bday - Daniel turned 15. wow. It's hard to see him grow so fast. All that testosterone screaming thru this veins. LOL Thank goodness I had ONE boy. He had a good time and i think his friends did too. They stay awake all night and played games and ate and games and ate and .. you get the picture. The next day at noon he coudln't take it anymore and crashed.

We rested up for Sunday.

Father's day I had 17 people here and we had a blast! Plenty of room. I sure wish I would have had furniture. Oh well. Hopefully not much longer to wait.

Time for bed. I went to the grocery store today and i"m tired! Need to take my iron again! I keep forgeting. Too many pills to be spaced out.

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