Friday, June 08, 2007


The day drug on and on and one and.. u get the picture.

It was a hot one day and it's just JUNE, people.

Speaking of, I"m axiously awaiting my electric bill. I know to expect more than what i was use to pay.. i just hope I don't have to pick up aluminum cans on the side of th ride to be cool this summer. I've spoken to a few people in our neighborhood with similar size homes and it seems to be okay.. lets just hope they were remembering the electric bill and not the phone bill LOL

The kids are all excited. They cannot wait to go garage saling in the morning. I'm hoping my friends won't mind. I"ll go in my own vehicle.. and I"ll keep up with them.. but my kids want to come.. what's the harm??

Hopefully we will have some good finds like last week! Great finds!

Time to get the jambalya going :) Gotta love the South!!

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