Saturday, June 30, 2007

No tv?? Unheard of.

I grew up with a tv in my room. Well, I was about 17... and I had pretty much stopped watching tv. But it was there! If I needed it.

When the kids got to the age they wanted to watch different things at night we got tvs for their rooms. GREAT! Daniel kept all his video games attached to HIS tv and played when he wanted and no more timer for shows and games. I had my clean living room back. It worked.

Then I found them watching inappropriate things. TV guards. Okay, good to go.

Then they stayed up all night. Or the tv did because they couldn't sleep without it being on.

Then they coudln't function the next day. They lived in their rooms. With the door shut. They were grouchy and moody and the rooms??? FILTHY!

Hurricane took all that away.

When we liked in the camper and then the "little house" there was just one tv We all had to decide on what to watch. We had to have the TV off by a decent hour as others were trying to sleep. It was nice. they played outside, with friends, we went places.

then we moved into our new house. They wanted tvs again. They can have them.. with a dvd player.. but no cable.

Yup. No cable. Daniel plays his games on his and will watch a movie now and then. The girls don't have one. You want to watch tv? Come in the living room. We all hunker down with pillows and blankets and gather round to watch Disney at night. They seem to enjoy it.

I know what they are watching, how much tv they are watching and we get to be together.

The tv doesn't play near like it use to. The radios are on more. They still go in their rooms for quiet time.. but this past week I found Daniel in his room drawing and Sarah finished both her library books in ONE week!! Reading and drawing.. not mind numbing tv!

They skateboard and talk on the phone and go to friends' houses and have friends over. They play GAMES and giggle and talk and read magazines..

No tv in bedrooms for us, thanks.

and yes.. even Richard and I don't have a tv in our bedroom anymore. I find I sleep much better. My bedroom is my santuary to get away from all that... and i love it!

time to head to the library! :)

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