Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Specials

Last night the "men" (Richard and Daniel) headed up to the camp. Last night Sarah and I went to bed early in preparation for today's specials. It was an early-rising, fun-filled, get-it-while-you-can day of garage sales with the neighborhood women. Sarah had never been -she had no clue what to expect. She had a great time. I'm glad she was there to say "yes" and "no" to things I picked up thinking she would want them/like them.

We ended the morning with breakfast at a local joint. Sarah came home and took a nap - I found new places for the items we bought.

Sarah is up now and primping to go to a lock-in. I'm FREE. And seems everyone else is busy :( Oh well. Maybe I'll catch up on some phone calls or lounge around and play online. Sure wish we had the big screen tv and some furniture right about now. It would be a perfect night to watch movies and have some girl friends over. I tried rustling up some friends for a game of cards - they are camping, out of town or have already made plans.

Such is lazy life in the South!

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