Sunday, June 24, 2007


In the south when we say tubing.. we mean being pulled on a tube behind a boat on a lake. If we sat on a tube and waited.. well, we'd wait forever. If we tubed in the bayou we might become bait!

We loaded up and went tubing. I have not laughed that hard in so long. OMGOSH. I had to make Rich stop a few times because I was laughing so hard my eyes were closed and uh, I'm supposed to be the "spotter" and watching the kids while he drives!

My kids have reached the age where they know doom exists. I mean like.. they foresee things COULD POSSIBLY happen. Granted, Sarah has the wild imagination like her MOTHER. Everything from sharks and alligators and boogie men are gonna snatch her dangling foot while she is in the water after being flipped off the tube. We stopped once because they were having trouble and if you stop.. well, you sink. They flipped off. HORROR! Sarah climbed back on that float as fast as lightening! The second time, she freaked and her saving big brother went to the opposite end of the tube and grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the tube.. THEN he climbed on. yes, its a huge tube. They both fit on it and had room. Three smaller kids could probably fit and be comfy.

The weather was really nice. Even though a bank sign read 5:05 and 90 degrees, it really was nice. Overcast and not too humid. Really nice.

They dropped me off at a small beach on an island for a bit to sunbathe. I'm sure the passing boats were blinded by my glaring white skin! Now I'm a nice soft pink - hopefully to turn to brown in a few days.

I'd love to pack up some lawn chairs, drinks, sanwhich fixings and some kiddos/family members and spend an afternoon relaxing. Rich pulls them on the tube in front of the island beach, so we'd all get to watch. The smaller kids could swim and we could just relax in the water.

I'm pooped... time to get ready for bed!

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