Monday, July 23, 2007

I am blessed...

When our house was destroyed by Hurricane Rita we tossed around moving to a neighboring town. The kids were strongly against it. My parents too. My neighbors and my friends started telling me how sad they would be if we moved.

H u h?

We have internet, cell phones, text messages and land lines... we can still go to movies, shop, eat out, visit, have parties, etc.

After much prayer, Rich decided we would stay. Everyone gave a sign of relief.

Thus started the 1.5 year of getting ready for a new home at our current place.

Fast forward past the crud we went through.

My friends and family decided to throw me a housewarming party. When it came time to make the guest list I wrote down a page full of names. At the end, my list was cut down to a large handful. These were my family and closest friends. These people had either helped us directly or indirectly after the hurricane, held my hand when I cried all those months, nudged me forward, guided me in a good direction, or set an example in their own lives in how they handled hardships. I wanted them to be a part of the celebration with me!

Talk about some pretty impressive people.

And these are the people I can truly call Friend.

My house, my huge house, was FILLED with people. Oh the site.. laughing, talking.. and just having a good time. Of course there was much food and drink and oh.. even wine spritzers courtesy of my dad's home made wine!

Good food, drinks and friends... what more can you ask for?

I received so many nice things. Beautiful things that will remind me every day of how much my family is loved.

I sat back after opening the last gift.. I looked around and realized just how blessed I am. Truly blessed indeed.

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