Saturday, July 14, 2007

It arrived

My furniture has arrived and it's gorgeous. Rich picked the color for the couch and loveseat..and let me got green chairs. The end tables and coffee tables are gorgeous! They go so well with the furniture. It's so "us" too. Perfect. It's been nice to sit/lay on the furniture and watch tv and visit with friends/family!!

My sister came today. It was so nice to just person. I hope we do that more often :)

Rich grilled.. and it poured down rain while the sun was shining. The rain kept the heat away. When we wake up it can aleady be in the 80s.. the other day at 5pm it was 92 degrees! 92 degrees, people!

Guess the couch is really comfy, Rich is snoring away. Sarah and I are in the recliners .. feels great!!!

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