Friday, July 06, 2007

note in a bottle

I really think if I wrote a note, placed it in a bottle and tossed it in the yard it would find it's way to the other end of town we have had that much rain!

The rain woke me up at 1:25. Ugh. And I was sleeping so good. I did my routine walk around the house checking out the trees in the various places in the yard and making sure they were not swirling around (tornado indicator) and were not about to come tumbling down on my house with my sleeping children inside. No trees by our bedroom (yet). All was well. I figured since the weather band radio didn't come on that the weather must not be as bad as I first thought. Ya know, new house and now sounds. It will take awhile before I get use to what is considered normal rain sound versus GET THE HELL OUT! Made my way back to bed and snuggled next to hubby. MMM.. he was all warm and snuggly.

When the alarm went off this morning the room was still all dark. I did not want to get up. I shortened my morning routine after snoozing a bit longer than I wanted. Heck, I'm still not dressed, which is highly unusual for me. I've done my cleaning for the day. I even washed the pillows on our bed. I know, freaky! I've got supper cooking in the crockpot too. All I need is a pot of rice. I'll do that once I get off. Lazy, rainy day.

Need to make my menu for the week and a list of errands needing running. Gather the grocery list and coupons and a few things that need to go back to my mom.

I'm thinking this weekend will be MINE. A friend's daughter is in town and I think they've made plans for Friday night for everyone. Should be FUN. The kids can find a place to go or sulk at home. Hopefully, we'll get to the library soon and they can check out more books. My oldest is on her way there now. Amazingly, with no school she finds time to read!? And this rainy weather is perfect for lounging and reading - IF ONLY MY FURNITURE WOULD BE DELIVERED.

Maybe next week!

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