Monday, July 02, 2007

Save for the rain!

What a great weekend, busy but fun! I think we were home at night to sleep and about 1-2 hours each day!! Even Daniel said it was too much packed into one weekend. HELLO? It's summer! I don't want to hear it was a boring summer and we didn't to anything.

Friday was Sarah's night out and had a friend over.

Saturday was shopping (Sarah snagged some cute plaid shorts, necklace to match and earrings too) I picked up a few shirts and skipped on the necklace because the girls said it wasn't ME. What's ME?? Can not ME change? Do I always have to stay the same ME?? NOT!

Lunch as a family and then more shopping for the girls and the guys went home.

I got a migraine and was siiiick most of the night. It was horrible. I have not been that sick in a very, very long time and don't plan on it any time soon.

Sunday was church, baby shower to attend while the rest went tubing with BIL and his family. Shower was soo good. Lots of friends and people I LOVE to hang with. Makes me feel so young and free when I'm with them :) Ahh, the love!

Then Sunday afternoon we headed to a party for the 4th. OMGOSH, was it hot? At one point I went to the bathroom and had to peel my capris off.. and then to put them back on?? EWWW. It was fun and something different. Saw lots of people there too. Was great to see familiar faces. The kids are at the awkward stage of things are too young for them and they didn't bring a friend so it was boring.. but I think they were really just tired from having done so much. The fireworks were awesome.. and it was grand to stand by man and get lots in the show.

Then reality hit.. we are in the south, in July with probably 90%+ humidity, my glasses fogged up and we started getting really hot - and I'm not talking about the good hot either!!

The mosquitoes weren't too bad.. they were sucking on the ones who drank all day and couldn't feel it.

All in all it was a good weekend - busy but good - save for the rain! Which only hit while we were home getting ready for the next event or eating!

Back at work so I can rest!

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