Sunday, July 08, 2007

schedules run amuck!

The older I get, the more I lover routines and schedules. They keep me headed in the right direction (I'm very easily sidetracked!). Yesterday I had a ton of things to do. I had preplanned my day, making sure everything was able to get done what I needed. Guess my body had other plans. I SLEPT IN! Seriously. I thought having teens who slept until noon would make my life much easier. Those lil devils are quickly revamping their schedules to confirm with mine so they can get all the things done they WANT to do - shopping! Who knew all I had to say was "be ready by 10, I'm leaving and if you are not ready then you'll be left behind." Magic. Amazingly powerful! And they do it! And we enjoy the time spent shopping. This is a huge thing for me as I don't like shopping. But I am enjoying it more now than I ever did. must be the company I keep.

So anyway.. I slept late they were just as shocked as I was. They discovered mom was actually snoozing and not at the grocery store as she had planned. They busted in my room to wake me up. We just kinda lounged for a few minutes and got our giggles going and talked about our plans. They now SEE how frustrating it is to be waiting on someone dragging their heels. What?? A lesson taught AND I got to sleep late. Man, I'm good! hahahaha

I still have not made it to the grocery store, but I'm working on it. Got my list, gonna get my coupons and then hit the dusty trail. I just got sidetracked reading mail, reading blogs and doing some blogging myself.

Bowling last night with good friends and we had a ball! I cannot wait to go back.

Off to do my routines!

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