Thursday, August 30, 2007

toys ain't just for boys!

I've been married for 19 years. In those 19 years I think we have purchased a handful of brand new things. Most of the time we buy second-hand to save a buck. One income, three kids. You do the math.

18 years later - hubby wanted a new riding lawnmower. I mean, you can only use the 2 the neighbor gave you that you combined to make one good mower for only so much time. We got a riding lawn mower. We have an acre, so riding is best. Usually I mow or the kids do, and hubby gets the pleasure of weedeating. I have tried it.. I'm just not strong enough to hold it up and it vibrates so much my hands swell. Besides, I LOVE to mow. Yes, I do. I mowed lots when I was a teen. Lots. With a walk behind, too.

That lawn mower always had something wrong with it. Many times we had to wait for a part or wait for hubby to have time to fix it before we could mow. This meant the grass was MUCH longer than I'd like and such a pain to mow when you finally did get everything ready. Very frustrating. I wanted to take the sledge hammer to it a few times. That would mean I'd have to "mow" with scissors.. and an acre? No thanks. I hated to ask hubby if it was fixed so I could mow.. it only aggrevated him more.

Finally, I put my foot down. GO GET A NEW ONE! As always, he had to research and speak to many men folks. Research and price around town.

Then he came home with this!

I am in HEAVEN! That baby has a 50 inch blade and it can eat some grass!!! I can mow the grass in half the time now. And it's so fun to whip around.. whoo hooo!

My yard looks fantastic! I've mowed twice this week! :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

It never ends

There always seems to be something needing to be attended, overseen or handled.

Today is no exception.

Already have a call in to the school. My child is supposed to be in French. She is not. GRR. She went to the counselor's office and was asked what her grades were last year. Uhm.. the child is 12.. she drew a blank and said "some good, some not so good." Except, she was referring to daily grades. No end of six weeks grades. So the counselor says perhaps that is why she is not in French. I'm furious. First off.. these counselors are NEW to our school. They come from a school that was closed down. The first day of school was a madd house with no kids being assigned schedules YET. And a few days into school and all the schedules were changed again. Did they look at my child's transcript when she went to tell them she was not put in French? No. They asked a 12-year-old and left it at that. TWICE. She went twice to request being put in French. The kicker? Her report card last year said she was to be in French this year! So I'm not just some crazy mamma who wants her kid to be in French. She NEEDS to be in French. She has 2 years to go before she can take "the test" and receive a full credit in foreign language for high school and I"ll be damned if I"ll let that slide all because some counselor is too freaking lazy to type a few keystrokes into the computer and find out where my child should be.

I tell ya.. it really gets OLD to do someone elses job!

Friday, August 24, 2007

friday follies

We really need to get it together.. really.

No kids.. the night is ours and we cannot even figure out what we want to eat or what we wanna do - if anything!

I cleaned the fridge. He fed the critters.

I vacuumed. He showered.

Showered? Dressed?

Great. I'm NOT ready and I really neeed a shower.


What to pickup?

While thinking.. he ZZZ in the chair.

I fix pan-fried tilapia and wheat noodles in sauce.


I play on computer.


I put sheets back on bed.

ZZZZ, cough, cough.

Now he is tucked in bed and I am tidying up.

I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow is early rise, breakfast and out with the girls.

Hopefully I'll be able to find a new pair of frames.. my eyes hurt from trying to see.

Really. Need. New. RX. Filled. For. Eyes.

Good. NITE!

Monday, August 20, 2007

School, college, hurricanes and working nude


School: The kiddos are back in school and very much enjoying it.

College: Jessica started today and really likes it. Ask me again in 2 months LOL

Hurricane: Dean seems to be headed to Mexico (those poor people) and we are keeping a close eye on other systems out there.

Working nude:
I found an article that says 1 in 8 men and 1 in 14 women work nude from home if they telecommunicate. Uh... not me. That's gross. Really gross.

I generally work in shorts/capris and a tshirt. Always socks and shoes, hair fixed and face washed and teeth brushed. Always.

Ever lounge all day in your pjs? Feel slouchy and sloppy and lazy? Who wants to feel that way while you are supposed to be working?

Besides, I have kids, hubby and friends who may come by at any given moment for whatever reason. With kids in school, it's much easier to grab my keys and GO should an emergency happen - and I have had it happen!

Granted, when I'm feelign sick.. I do dress for working depending on how I feel.

But nude? Never.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

the final count down!

Oh, school starts Friday! We are counting down the days! This week I have to squeeze in a haircut for the youngest. That's about it.

I"m soo looking forward to a quiet house all day.. and a house that stays clean! Well, they do pick up after themselves.. but it's nice that NOTHING gets moved until they get home from school.

I am looking forward to that 1/2 hour after I get off work and they get off the bus!!! I get soo much accomplished during that time. Crazy!

The uniforms will be washed this week and I'm sure youngest will soon be digging the school supplies out of the cabinet to touch and look and marvel at them.

Something about school supplies - so many good memories.

I already have my calendar loaded with the dates they will be off from school. :) Trying to stay one step ahead.

Ugh.. now I"ll have to make sure they have lunch money every day. For some reason that is a pain in the butt! I use my ATM card everywhere and rarely have cash or change on hand. Guess I need to put that on my list of TO DOs - get some dollar bills and rolls of quarters.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I love my teenagers!

Now, don't get me wrong. Teenagers can really push the limits, but man are they self-sufficient!

My sister's kids go to daycare provided by their school. Two weeks before school starts the daycare portion closes so they can get ready for school. What to do with your kidlettes??

Because I'm not in my huge house, I figured I'd help a sister out. I mean, my sister has come through many times to help me and watch my kids for an entire weekend when they were small. Time to return the favor.

Her oldest has Asberger's Syndrome. Okay, no biggie. He has a vivid imagination and will play with his toys all day and entertain himself. But he also wants to show you this and that, and watch Nanny!, and look at this, and what if this happened..

Uhm. I'm supposed to be working. LOL

And eat? OMGOSH, the kid can eat! And *I* gotta fix it for him.

Uhm. I'm supposed to be working.

And now he wants to eat again.

And again.

And again.

U getting the picture? OH, I don't mind.. it's just I gotta fix it and clean up after him.. and well..

I'm supposed to be working.

His party was Sunday, so I just took him home to spend the night and Sarah went home wit my sister to watch her other child. The girls like to sleep late and Chris gets up early so it all worked out. Monday I offered him to spend the night again so my sister wouldn't have to worry about hauling them here and there.

Poor thing. By Tuesday afternoon he was ready to see his mamma and said he was NOT spending the night again LOLOL

And did I mention he eats a lot? But! He is soo thin. We say he has a hollow leg and he gets madd hahaha.

After two days I was exhausted! I had picked up toys and the dishes he goes through...and the food prep because he don't eat the things we do - he's a kid - it's just easier to fix what I know he'll like than to argue for him to eat what we had. (chicken chow mein) So that was two meals. Each night. And clean up.

I was so tired by the time he left. Not to mention all the other stuff that went on. I don't think I recooped from my girls night weekend. I had to RUSH daniel to school to get registered. Then, Daniel got the side of his pinky finger snipped with the shears at work (he works at a plant nursery).. so that was trip to Urgent Care and an all day wait! Then it was rush for eye appointments and last minute shopping before school. It never stops. And hauling around a much younger kid.. you constantly have to watch him. Take him to the bathroom. Answer his 50-thousand questions and try to stick to the task at hand.

After my nephew left I hugged Richard and said, "I sure love having teenagers!"

I love all my nieces and nephews.. but I"m soo very glad mine are teenagers!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekends and girlfriends

I have so much to say.. oh gosh!

1. Flylady has allowed me to have weekends back! And weekends are for recharging and that's just what I have been doing. You know how moms put themselves last.. well.. this is a way to put myself back on the list. No housework on the weekends - besides keeping picked up after yourself and dishes. I usually use the dishwasher on the weekends. During the week it would turn into a dirty dishes storage unit, soI just refuse. I tend to stay ontop of things this way too.

2. I am soo very blessed. I have wonderful friends and family. My heart is filled with peace and I'm living life. I have a few friends who have kids in the late 20s and early 30s. These kids (young ladies) are such a blast to hang around. They are honest, loving, funny and smart! Beautiful women. They fawn around me saying I am awesome and the best.. if only they knew how much they teach ME! And their moms teach me. I only hope my kids can grow up to be wonderful adults like these girls.

3. TIME AWAY! I have a wonderful husband who allows me time away from the family to recharge. He loves to see my happy and I'm so very happy to make him happy :) Last weekend was one of the young ladies bdays. 27 years young! She wanted us all to get together and go out. Bars are not our scene as most of us .. well, all of use are married are in longterm relationships. What to do?

Casino! A little gambling, lots of free drinks and girls night out! Whoo hooo! One of the girls has a boyfriend who is a high roller and is given free rooms for the casino hotel. Ohoo, baby! She gave the room for the weekend to the Bday girl!

The first night was couples night. All the young ones went out as couples and stayed in the room. The next night was SLUMBER PARTY! Yes! That's right. SLUMBER PARTY. Girls only!

Ms Rachel, Ms Rachel! Pack your bag and get up here. We have a dinner date and afterwards is par-tay time!

Who could resist??

The food was out of this world. It was wonderful to be waited on and treated so elegantly! Drinks in the casino and the gaming started. Some slithered off to the bar to sip some more (yes, the younger ones) and the older and pregnant ones stuck to gambling with our drinks. MMM

The machines were not paying so we decided to take a break. Up to the room for giggles and snacks and music and dancing. The room?! Wow. I know it's a brand new hotel...but wow. The bathroom is as big as the room! Two, TWO big screen tvs, one small one in the bathroom. A scale in the bathroom?!? Enclosed toilet with a bidet. Beats the outhouse, I guess. hahaha. The tub was in the middle of the room and the water fell from the ceiling to fill it. The shower was glass enclosed with tile ledge and a tile bench and a mist/steamer in it. The bed was soo soft. The Bose system jammed! Can you tell I don't get out much? These rooms are easily 400+ and the weekends are more. She had it for two nights. YIKES!

Gambled some more and headed up to bed. Watched some tv and talked..did I say how amazing these girls are? EAch one took a turn snuggling with me and just talking. The love in their eyes and the love in my heart.. aww.. amazing. I hope everyone gets to feel that kind of love at some point. Unconditional love. And they accept me for who I am. Not always on time, emotional over small things, blabbering when I'm tipsy.. and they still love me and want me around. They make me feel so special.

The next morning they were all dragging asses saying how they cannot party like they use to LOL The olders ones had no problem as we are use to getting up early and knew better than to get too much to drink the night before. Live and learn. Ahh, to be young.

Sunday was recoop day and today I'm still tired. They remind me of myself at that age.. and I'm so glad they invite me to relive my younger years and remind me why I'm so much happier at the age I am LOLOL

Saturday, August 04, 2007

this just aint right

I've been saying that since we got our new furniture. Rich's recliner is so hard to push back and the foot rest does not "pop" up. This aint' right.

So I called the furniture people, and today he made it out here. And he said "This just aint right." Now, I might not be a recliner mechanism master.. but I know when one aint' working like it's supposed to.

He lugged it to his truck and said he'd let me know. Later this evening the furniture company called to say they all looked at it and none of them can figure out what is wrong with it. They've ordered new parts and well get back with me.

All this for a chair? heck, ya... it aint right!

Thank goodness for a lifetime warrenty!

Hopefully it wont take TOO long to get the chair back.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

rain? again?

It rained again today! At least most the yard was mowed yesterday.

I'm juuust about finished with school shoppin. Whew! Having only 2 to buy for helps. Most of the supplies are purchased. I'm sure they will come home the first day with a list a mile long. Me and one bazillion other moms in town will all be fighting for the same binder... and folder.. and pencils.. being that these are the last ones in the entire town because all the other schools give a list early on so you can start early.

The garden really got hit hard with the hail storm, so we didn't get much from it. The corn we did get has been just about all eaten up by a mysterious creature that lurks in the night and can eat 2 ears as a snack.

My baby boy's job is tough.. he's got that farmer's tan and is getting some real muscles! I think he's decided that working during the summer is not a good thing. You miss out on sleep.. cause he ain't sleeping on his days off. he wants to do FUN things on his day off LOL Typical teen. Not sure if he's gonna continue to work once school starts. He says he wants a life.. but he things the money is waay cool.

My baby.. has been asked out on a date! She is 12. When I jokingly said she could go to the movies if her mom and dad went... she agreed. Oh, she must REALLY like this lil boy. Should be interesting since we are pros now with girls dating. LOL

Okay, time to scoot. i couldn't sleep earlier, but now I cannot keep my eyes open any longer.