Sunday, August 12, 2007

the final count down!

Oh, school starts Friday! We are counting down the days! This week I have to squeeze in a haircut for the youngest. That's about it.

I"m soo looking forward to a quiet house all day.. and a house that stays clean! Well, they do pick up after themselves.. but it's nice that NOTHING gets moved until they get home from school.

I am looking forward to that 1/2 hour after I get off work and they get off the bus!!! I get soo much accomplished during that time. Crazy!

The uniforms will be washed this week and I'm sure youngest will soon be digging the school supplies out of the cabinet to touch and look and marvel at them.

Something about school supplies - so many good memories.

I already have my calendar loaded with the dates they will be off from school. :) Trying to stay one step ahead.

Ugh.. now I"ll have to make sure they have lunch money every day. For some reason that is a pain in the butt! I use my ATM card everywhere and rarely have cash or change on hand. Guess I need to put that on my list of TO DOs - get some dollar bills and rolls of quarters.

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