Friday, August 24, 2007

friday follies

We really need to get it together.. really.

No kids.. the night is ours and we cannot even figure out what we want to eat or what we wanna do - if anything!

I cleaned the fridge. He fed the critters.

I vacuumed. He showered.

Showered? Dressed?

Great. I'm NOT ready and I really neeed a shower.


What to pickup?

While thinking.. he ZZZ in the chair.

I fix pan-fried tilapia and wheat noodles in sauce.


I play on computer.


I put sheets back on bed.

ZZZZ, cough, cough.

Now he is tucked in bed and I am tidying up.

I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow is early rise, breakfast and out with the girls.

Hopefully I'll be able to find a new pair of frames.. my eyes hurt from trying to see.

Really. Need. New. RX. Filled. For. Eyes.

Good. NITE!

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