Thursday, August 09, 2007

I love my teenagers!

Now, don't get me wrong. Teenagers can really push the limits, but man are they self-sufficient!

My sister's kids go to daycare provided by their school. Two weeks before school starts the daycare portion closes so they can get ready for school. What to do with your kidlettes??

Because I'm not in my huge house, I figured I'd help a sister out. I mean, my sister has come through many times to help me and watch my kids for an entire weekend when they were small. Time to return the favor.

Her oldest has Asberger's Syndrome. Okay, no biggie. He has a vivid imagination and will play with his toys all day and entertain himself. But he also wants to show you this and that, and watch Nanny!, and look at this, and what if this happened..

Uhm. I'm supposed to be working. LOL

And eat? OMGOSH, the kid can eat! And *I* gotta fix it for him.

Uhm. I'm supposed to be working.

And now he wants to eat again.

And again.

And again.

U getting the picture? OH, I don't mind.. it's just I gotta fix it and clean up after him.. and well..

I'm supposed to be working.

His party was Sunday, so I just took him home to spend the night and Sarah went home wit my sister to watch her other child. The girls like to sleep late and Chris gets up early so it all worked out. Monday I offered him to spend the night again so my sister wouldn't have to worry about hauling them here and there.

Poor thing. By Tuesday afternoon he was ready to see his mamma and said he was NOT spending the night again LOLOL

And did I mention he eats a lot? But! He is soo thin. We say he has a hollow leg and he gets madd hahaha.

After two days I was exhausted! I had picked up toys and the dishes he goes through...and the food prep because he don't eat the things we do - he's a kid - it's just easier to fix what I know he'll like than to argue for him to eat what we had. (chicken chow mein) So that was two meals. Each night. And clean up.

I was so tired by the time he left. Not to mention all the other stuff that went on. I don't think I recooped from my girls night weekend. I had to RUSH daniel to school to get registered. Then, Daniel got the side of his pinky finger snipped with the shears at work (he works at a plant nursery).. so that was trip to Urgent Care and an all day wait! Then it was rush for eye appointments and last minute shopping before school. It never stops. And hauling around a much younger kid.. you constantly have to watch him. Take him to the bathroom. Answer his 50-thousand questions and try to stick to the task at hand.

After my nephew left I hugged Richard and said, "I sure love having teenagers!"

I love all my nieces and nephews.. but I"m soo very glad mine are teenagers!!

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