Monday, August 27, 2007

It never ends

There always seems to be something needing to be attended, overseen or handled.

Today is no exception.

Already have a call in to the school. My child is supposed to be in French. She is not. GRR. She went to the counselor's office and was asked what her grades were last year. Uhm.. the child is 12.. she drew a blank and said "some good, some not so good." Except, she was referring to daily grades. No end of six weeks grades. So the counselor says perhaps that is why she is not in French. I'm furious. First off.. these counselors are NEW to our school. They come from a school that was closed down. The first day of school was a madd house with no kids being assigned schedules YET. And a few days into school and all the schedules were changed again. Did they look at my child's transcript when she went to tell them she was not put in French? No. They asked a 12-year-old and left it at that. TWICE. She went twice to request being put in French. The kicker? Her report card last year said she was to be in French this year! So I'm not just some crazy mamma who wants her kid to be in French. She NEEDS to be in French. She has 2 years to go before she can take "the test" and receive a full credit in foreign language for high school and I"ll be damned if I"ll let that slide all because some counselor is too freaking lazy to type a few keystrokes into the computer and find out where my child should be.

I tell ya.. it really gets OLD to do someone elses job!

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