Thursday, August 02, 2007

rain? again?

It rained again today! At least most the yard was mowed yesterday.

I'm juuust about finished with school shoppin. Whew! Having only 2 to buy for helps. Most of the supplies are purchased. I'm sure they will come home the first day with a list a mile long. Me and one bazillion other moms in town will all be fighting for the same binder... and folder.. and pencils.. being that these are the last ones in the entire town because all the other schools give a list early on so you can start early.

The garden really got hit hard with the hail storm, so we didn't get much from it. The corn we did get has been just about all eaten up by a mysterious creature that lurks in the night and can eat 2 ears as a snack.

My baby boy's job is tough.. he's got that farmer's tan and is getting some real muscles! I think he's decided that working during the summer is not a good thing. You miss out on sleep.. cause he ain't sleeping on his days off. he wants to do FUN things on his day off LOL Typical teen. Not sure if he's gonna continue to work once school starts. He says he wants a life.. but he things the money is waay cool.

My baby.. has been asked out on a date! She is 12. When I jokingly said she could go to the movies if her mom and dad went... she agreed. Oh, she must REALLY like this lil boy. Should be interesting since we are pros now with girls dating. LOL

Okay, time to scoot. i couldn't sleep earlier, but now I cannot keep my eyes open any longer.

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