Saturday, August 04, 2007

this just aint right

I've been saying that since we got our new furniture. Rich's recliner is so hard to push back and the foot rest does not "pop" up. This aint' right.

So I called the furniture people, and today he made it out here. And he said "This just aint right." Now, I might not be a recliner mechanism master.. but I know when one aint' working like it's supposed to.

He lugged it to his truck and said he'd let me know. Later this evening the furniture company called to say they all looked at it and none of them can figure out what is wrong with it. They've ordered new parts and well get back with me.

All this for a chair? heck, ya... it aint right!

Thank goodness for a lifetime warrenty!

Hopefully it wont take TOO long to get the chair back.

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