Thursday, August 30, 2007

toys ain't just for boys!

I've been married for 19 years. In those 19 years I think we have purchased a handful of brand new things. Most of the time we buy second-hand to save a buck. One income, three kids. You do the math.

18 years later - hubby wanted a new riding lawnmower. I mean, you can only use the 2 the neighbor gave you that you combined to make one good mower for only so much time. We got a riding lawn mower. We have an acre, so riding is best. Usually I mow or the kids do, and hubby gets the pleasure of weedeating. I have tried it.. I'm just not strong enough to hold it up and it vibrates so much my hands swell. Besides, I LOVE to mow. Yes, I do. I mowed lots when I was a teen. Lots. With a walk behind, too.

That lawn mower always had something wrong with it. Many times we had to wait for a part or wait for hubby to have time to fix it before we could mow. This meant the grass was MUCH longer than I'd like and such a pain to mow when you finally did get everything ready. Very frustrating. I wanted to take the sledge hammer to it a few times. That would mean I'd have to "mow" with scissors.. and an acre? No thanks. I hated to ask hubby if it was fixed so I could mow.. it only aggrevated him more.

Finally, I put my foot down. GO GET A NEW ONE! As always, he had to research and speak to many men folks. Research and price around town.

Then he came home with this!

I am in HEAVEN! That baby has a 50 inch blade and it can eat some grass!!! I can mow the grass in half the time now. And it's so fun to whip around.. whoo hooo!

My yard looks fantastic! I've mowed twice this week! :)

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