Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekends and girlfriends

I have so much to say.. oh gosh!

1. Flylady has allowed me to have weekends back! And weekends are for recharging and that's just what I have been doing. You know how moms put themselves last.. well.. this is a way to put myself back on the list. No housework on the weekends - besides keeping picked up after yourself and dishes. I usually use the dishwasher on the weekends. During the week it would turn into a dirty dishes storage unit, soI just refuse. I tend to stay ontop of things this way too.

2. I am soo very blessed. I have wonderful friends and family. My heart is filled with peace and I'm living life. I have a few friends who have kids in the late 20s and early 30s. These kids (young ladies) are such a blast to hang around. They are honest, loving, funny and smart! Beautiful women. They fawn around me saying I am awesome and the best.. if only they knew how much they teach ME! And their moms teach me. I only hope my kids can grow up to be wonderful adults like these girls.

3. TIME AWAY! I have a wonderful husband who allows me time away from the family to recharge. He loves to see my happy and I'm so very happy to make him happy :) Last weekend was one of the young ladies bdays. 27 years young! She wanted us all to get together and go out. Bars are not our scene as most of us .. well, all of use are married are in longterm relationships. What to do?

Casino! A little gambling, lots of free drinks and girls night out! Whoo hooo! One of the girls has a boyfriend who is a high roller and is given free rooms for the casino hotel. Ohoo, baby! She gave the room for the weekend to the Bday girl!

The first night was couples night. All the young ones went out as couples and stayed in the room. The next night was SLUMBER PARTY! Yes! That's right. SLUMBER PARTY. Girls only!

Ms Rachel, Ms Rachel! Pack your bag and get up here. We have a dinner date and afterwards is par-tay time!

Who could resist??

The food was out of this world. It was wonderful to be waited on and treated so elegantly! Drinks in the casino and the gaming started. Some slithered off to the bar to sip some more (yes, the younger ones) and the older and pregnant ones stuck to gambling with our drinks. MMM

The machines were not paying so we decided to take a break. Up to the room for giggles and snacks and music and dancing. The room?! Wow. I know it's a brand new hotel...but wow. The bathroom is as big as the room! Two, TWO big screen tvs, one small one in the bathroom. A scale in the bathroom?!? Enclosed toilet with a bidet. Beats the outhouse, I guess. hahaha. The tub was in the middle of the room and the water fell from the ceiling to fill it. The shower was glass enclosed with tile ledge and a tile bench and a mist/steamer in it. The bed was soo soft. The Bose system jammed! Can you tell I don't get out much? These rooms are easily 400+ and the weekends are more. She had it for two nights. YIKES!

Gambled some more and headed up to bed. Watched some tv and talked..did I say how amazing these girls are? EAch one took a turn snuggling with me and just talking. The love in their eyes and the love in my heart.. aww.. amazing. I hope everyone gets to feel that kind of love at some point. Unconditional love. And they accept me for who I am. Not always on time, emotional over small things, blabbering when I'm tipsy.. and they still love me and want me around. They make me feel so special.

The next morning they were all dragging asses saying how they cannot party like they use to LOL The olders ones had no problem as we are use to getting up early and knew better than to get too much to drink the night before. Live and learn. Ahh, to be young.

Sunday was recoop day and today I'm still tired. They remind me of myself at that age.. and I'm so glad they invite me to relive my younger years and remind me why I'm so much happier at the age I am LOLOL

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